Easy Way of Recovering Photos from SD Card

SD (secure digital) card is one of the most world famous storage device used largely in portable devices like digital camera, smartphones and tablets. Generally, these SD cards are used on mobiles for extended storage. In SD card we can store different types of files like document files, audio, video, photo, etc. SD cards are extremely small and it is designed for new generation electronics devices. These SD cards are lightweight and compact, it is important for a photographer.

Nowadays everyone has a digital camera and smartphones; they will capture most beautiful and memorable photos like weddings, birthday, trip, etc. Later they will recall their old memory and share photos with a lovable person. The photos contained in the camera SD card may get lost or delete easily. Data loss is one of the main problems that happen due to several reasons. Have you lost your photos from your camera SD card? If yes then need not to worry you can easily recover photos from camera memory card by using the tool named Recover My SD card. This application is efficient and it helps you to perform recover deleted photos from camera SD card.

Scenarios that may cause loss of Photos from SD card

  • During sharing files from a computer to SD card or vice versa, if that computer is affected with the virus then data files get corrupted.
  • In some cases, while erasing unwanted images from the camera unknowingly you might delete important photos
  • When some data read or write task is carried out with SD card in such case if sudden system shutdown occurs due to a failure of power, which will result in SD card corruption. Once the SD card gets get corrupted then it’s quite difficult to access files from it.
  • The user may delete folders from the SD card to free its space while trying to erase some unwanted folders or files, if they have accidentally selected some important photos or files with the junk files for deletion then they will under crucial data loss.
  • When SD card is connected to computer and data transfer of files is in progress, suddenly removing your SD card will damage your hard SD card leading to huge loss of data.
  • If you format SD card after receiving format error message such as “card not formatted. Format it now”. Such errors come if the Western Digital SD card file system is corrupted or damage.

Features of Recover My SD card

  • This tool helps you recover deleted photos from camera SD card, it also restores deleted or lost video files, audio and various other files
  • It can also support both Windows and Mac based computers
  • Recover My SD card supports all image file format like JPG, JPEG, PNG, TIFF, GIFF, BMP, etc.
  • This tool supports different types of camera and also smartphones to recover deleted photos from camera SD card
  • This utility allows a user to save recovery session in order to avoid rescanning of storage devices and you can save valuable time
  • This utility to recover RAW image files captured using digital cameras like Sony, Fuji, Samsung, Panasonic, Kodak and many other
  • From the restored photos you can find image files on the basis of creation date, file name, file size and file extension.