Try Following Steps to Fix PowerPoint Conversion Error

PowerPoint is one of the most used application to prepare slides for presentation. It is a part of Microsoft Suite which is developed by Microsoft. This application has number of features for adding text, images, tables, sounds, animations, etc.

It is one of the best application for successful communication in front of clients, students, colleagues, etc. If you share your PPT publicly and want to restrict any edit on it by others then you should convert it to pdf file. PPT files can be converted to many more suitable formats for various situations.

But sometime while converting it to other format you may get error which may lead to corruption of PowerPoint file. After working for hours, if PPT file get lost. It becomes more terrible situation if you lost it just before the time of presenting. Even if there is inbuilt repair tool but it works only with minor corruption and does not guarantee to restore accurately.

But now it is possible to PowerPoint conversion error repair by using third party tool. But you should be aware while opting tool as inbuilt repair tool also does not guarantee to repair file with accuracy.PPS Repair is one of the highly recommended and used tool to repair PPT file after conversion error which has special powerful algorithm for PowerPoint conversion error repair even after major corruption. It is a read only tool which ensures there will not be further corruption or modification on your original corrupted PPS file. For more information continue with this page.

When PPT Files Get Corrupted?

Round Tripping: When PPT file is converted to any other format and again tried to reconvert back to PPT format is called round tripping. Generally you can convert PPT to other file format easily but while reconverting back to PPT file error may get occur, which leads to corruption of PowerPoint files.

 Interrupt Internet Connection: While downloading PPT file from internet if there is interrupt in internet connection, then incomplete downloaded file get corrupted and does not remain accessible.

Virus Attack: PPT file may get corrupted due to virus attack and does not longer accessible and leads to lose of file.

Improper Termination: While accessing PowerPoint file, if the application terminated improperly due to some reasons, also leads to corruption of PPT files.

Using Unreliable Third Party Tool: If any unreliable third party tool is used to convert PPT or PPS file to PDF or any other format then it may lead to PowerPoint conversion error repair.

Other Reasons:  Besides above mentioned reasons there are some more reasons like abruptly shut down of system, corrupted file system, damage header, etc. will be responsible for corruption of PowerPoint files.

Smart Features of PPS Repair Tool

  • It is read-only software which makes certain that your original PPT file will be intact with all features you have added. After finishing repair process it generates new PPT file.
  • Repairs all types of PPT, PPTX and PPS files.
  • Restores corrupted PowerPoint files with all features included as earlier.
  • Support all popular OS of Windows.
  • Repaired files can be stored to any desired location.