Software to Retrieve Deleted Files from Nexus

Nexus Smartphone has become the most popular Android tablet with good performance, attractive price tag, and original Android system. Nexus smart phone has many outstanding features such as intuitive way to take panoramic pictures, HD Super AMOLED Screen, automatic focus, premium curved design, etc. even though it has many of the advanced features, unlike other devices Nexus phone also prone to deletion of files stored on it. One of the common reason which will be faced is due to human mistake of accidental deletion. Consider one of the situation like, while cleaning out your system, you have made a huge mistake i.e., when you were trying to clean it out to save space, without realizing you had Nexus phone plugged in as well and instead of deleting an unwanted files on your system, you deleted it off your Nexus. Therefore the file stored on the nexus Smartphone gets deleted.

Other causes for deletion of files from Nexus

  • Deletion of files from the Nexus phone by hitting delete all button accidentally.
  • Ejection of the memory card from the Nexus phone improperly while file transfer process is still in progress.
  • Deletion of files from the Nexus phone due to infection of some harmful viruses.
  • When you use the antivirus software program to get rid of virus, sometimes virus infected files cannot be fixed by this antivirus program and it simply deletes those files from the Nexus phone.
  • Using an unauthorized third party application software

Key features of this deleted file recovery software

Deleted file recovery software is one of the most reliable file recovery tool that can solve all sorts of file deletion quickly and safely. In addition to Nexus phone, this software also recover deleted files from system drive, USB flash drive, external hard drives, iPods and other storage devices. The restored files can be videos, images, documents, audios, archives and many more. It also supports effectively to recover data from Android phone.

How to overcome deletion of file from Nexus phone

Once you have stricken with this deletion of file problem from the Nexus phone, your mind will be in a distressing position. Don’t be so much worried as you can overcome this issue very easily by using the best deleted file recovery software. This professional file recovery tool is accepted by many of the industrial experts, which is developed to retrieve deleted files from Nexus phone within a couple of minutes.

Tips to avoid deletion of data from Nexus

  • Never use the memory card from which the data is deleted.
  • Immediately stop using your Nexus phone SD card after data loss.
  • It is highly suggested to use an updated antivirus software program to overcome deadly viruses.
  • It is highly recommended not to save restored data on your Android device that can overwrite and hence results in permanent deletion of data.
  • Always make sure that the software which you are using does not affect the original contents of the deleted data.

You can easily download the free demo version of the deleted file recovery software from the internet to evaluate its recovery results. This demo version will not allow you to save the recovered file, you have to purchase its full version to save those recovered files with reasonable price.