Simple Approach to Rescue Files from Memory Cards

Flash memory cards are the non-volatile removable storage devices which are broadly used in many digital media devices. Most of the popular brands of digital camcorders, cameras and mobile phones completely depend on flash drives like SD cards to store the digital media files because of their compact size and huge amount of storage capacity. There are numerous types of memory cards are available in the market like SD card, CF card, , XD card and many others. All most all memory cards use FAT file system to perform file manipulation in order to circumvent the compatibility issues of memory cards while accessing it in Windows and Mac operating systems.

Sometimes flash cards become inaccessible due to file system corruption. In order to access such corrupted or damaged card, you need to format it and eventually it erases complete data stored on SD card. In case if there is some vital information which is not yet backed up, then you will lose entire data stored on SD card. In certain situations losing important information might leads to severe info loss crisis. In case if you are facing such kind of data loss crisis, here is a finest possible solution for you.

Deleting discarded files from SD card is quite common these days. Sometimes while erasing or deleting pointless files or folders from SD card, user might knowingly or unknowingly delete a significant folder. The file deleted from flash card will not reside in Recycle Bin folder then you have to face critical situation. Similarly, most users might lose files stored on SD cards, CF cards, external drives, USB flash drives etc due to numerous reasons like unintentional formatting, inappropriate plug and play of card i.e. disconnecting or interrupting sinking process when there is read or write process is going on, etc.

In some circumstances, as soon as you insert memory card to digital camera computer, it might prompt you to format. Most often this kind of situation occurs due to file system error. Infection of virus and using the same SD card in multiple media device are some of the factors for SD card file system corruption. In order to use the flash card further formatting or reformatting is the only option left for you. Apart from SD card breakdown there are other reasons for SD card data loss like unintentional deletion, OS crash etc.

No matter how you have lost info from SD card, in case if SD card from which you have lost or deleted the information has not overwritten with new files, then you can rescue information with utmost ease. Deleting a file or folder from flash card will never wipe the stored information. Only reference pointer which directs to stored location of the folder or file will be erased and particular storage space will be marked or flagged as available, but actual stream of info bytes still remains intact at the same location until it is overwritten with new data. SD card rescue tool performs sector by sector scanning of memory card and finds lost or deleted files and folders with the aid of different file attributes like file name, file extension, date of file creation etc.

With a few preventive measures like following proper plug and play procedure while sinking files and folders, taking a legitimate backup before formatting memory card, etc helps to circumvent loss of severe loss of files and folders from SD card.

No matter from which type of SD card you have lost files and folders, don’t bother about how to rescue info from SD card until and unless it has overwritten with new data. SD Card Recovery tool scans the entire card and recuperates lost or deleted files within few simple clicks.

It is powerful recovery software which is especially designed to rescue info from Windows or Mac based computers. Many industry experts and recovery professionals evaluated and certified this as one of the best SD card deleted pictures recovery software. This application is capable enough to restore more than 300 file types formatted and re-partitioned SD cards, corrupted flash cards etc. One can also perform SD card data recovery on all versions of Windows and Mac platforms. In order to approximate the chances of data rescue, prior to purchasing the tool, you can download the free trial edition of this software. Moreover, it can also rescue data from storage drives such as FireWire drives, USB drives, computer hard disks, iPods, external hard disks etc.