How you can repair PST file from Outlook

Outlook will make usage of file with .PST extension to save emails as well as other outlook items on your hard drive. The contact list, mailboxes, notes, etc are held in this file. PST is nothing but Personal Storage Table file. The size of PST file is varied on various versions of Outlook like Outlook 2002 has 2 GB and Outlook 2003 has PST file of 20 GB. The PST file is kept in a default location by the MS Outlook.

The PST file has more probability to get corrupt if its size increases. Once the Outlook is used regularly, the PST file can reach its maximum size and leads to Outlook errors. Whenever you realize that the PST file is corrupted from your Outlook, immediately you can begin the PST repair operation. At the start you can test to mend PST using Outlook itself. Consider the Outlook doesn’t perform this you will want to perform some operations manually.

Even the Outlook suggests one to repair PST file using inbox repair tool i.e. scanpst.exe. This tool is capable of doing adequately to correct the corrupted PST file which might be corrupted as a result of hard drive error or with the Outlook itself. However, within the other reasons of PST file corruption, the inbox repair tool cannot work and you need to make use of vacation tool like repair PST utility.

Nowadays the PST file corruption is often a most frequent issue since it is traditionally used from the university students to the big organizations. Even Outlook is really a heightened and secure application, still the PST file is gets corrupted that will slow down its performance. In common situations, the PST file will get corrupt as much as a level you could lose valuable information through the database.

As soon as your PST file is corrupted, you may get these error messages:

  • Inaccessible to the PST file
  • Invalid file path or access denied
  • Unknown error 0X8004018
  • Unable to obtain the Outlook PST file

The above mentioned errors may occur as a result of PST file corruption. The reason behind PST file corruption are much more like improper shutdown of system, virus infection, oversized PST file, PST header corruption, improper termination of Outlook, sudden reboot of system, etc. In this situation, you will find proper action immediately otherwise you may suffer due to loss of important emails and other data stored in your Outlook PST file.

Regardless of how the PST file is corrupted or lost data from your Outlook profile. You can actually repair outlook 2003 PST file from various versions of Outlook, using PST repair utility. It is usually recommended to make use of best PST repair software for the reason that inappropriate repair tools may damage your PST files further to result in permanent loss of data. So it is suggested that before you go to make use of any software, first see the reviews which can be written regarding the software.

PST repair utility is one of the applications open to repair severely damaged PST files, regardless of reasons. To correct large PST file, first it scans the file using inbuilt scanning algorithm after which extracts all data that is certainly saved in a new PST file format. One can possibly confirm the performance of this software before purchasing it. To gauge this recovery result, initially you need to download and install the trial version of the software that may enable you to observe the recovered data.