How to Recover Files Deleted from Windows Defender?

downloadMicrosoft Windows operating system comes with inbuilt program that is known as Windows defender. This inbuilt tool is capable to detect and remove unauthorized malware programs from the computers. For security point of view, this app is very useful because it prevents the unauthorized access of any program. This defender program has been introduced in Windows XP system. Now it is available for all the latest versions of Microsoft Windows systems. This tool also deletes the virus infected files from the laptop or desktops without giving any warning messages. Due to this, sometimes, Windows users may face their important file deletion issue.

In such difficult situations, people want to recover files deleted by Windows defender program at any cost because these files may be their important business files which are required for their day by day business. After deletion of files from Windows laptops or desktops by Windows defender, people can easily recover them with the help of third party app like Window 8 Data Recovery because there is no other way to get back files deleted by Windows defender. This recovery utility has been developed by expert IT professionals with the help of an advanced scanning algorithm which allows users to perform deep searching of storage drives and recover all deleted files as these were before deletion without any difficulty.

Most Common Reasons behind file deletion by Windows defender:

  • In order to keep system data safe on Real time protection, people turn the defender protection mode ON. This protection on mode monitor all the activity on the computer and also if it deducts activates of any harmful program which is running in background, then it simply removes them from the laptop or desktop. In this case, it also removes the infected files from the system hard drive.
  • During monitoring system, if Windows defender find any file whose signature is not in their database, then it treats them as a virus and remove them. In this circumstance, there is a chance of important file deletion from storage device. Sometimes, people copy their files from other than Windows operating system, in such cases files signature can vary. So it will lead to file deletion from the computer.

In all above mentioned causes, files can be deleted by Windows defender but now it is not a big problem because people can easily recover files deleted by Windows defender with the help of Window 8 Data Recovery application. With the help of this easy to use program, people can easily recover their deleted files which can be an audio, applications, video, pictures, program, text files, excel files or documents without much difficulty. This ready to use tool is capable to recover files deleted by Windows defender on all the latest versions of Microsoft Windows operating system such as Windows 10, Windows XP, Windows 8 and Windows 7 very easily. Window 8 Data Recovery software is capable to get back deleted files from system hard drive as well as from other external drives such as pen drives, flash drive, Solid State Drives, memory cards, external hard drives, firmware drives, within simple few mouse clicks.