How to recover data from hard drive

In recent days computers have become vital part of one’s life. They play a major role in storing ones data effectively without any difficulties. Computers store all these data on their hard drive. Any damage to the hard drive, surely results in data loss. I believe many of you might have faced such problems. So, have you ever lost your important files, photos or videos from your hard drive? Or formatted your hard drive accidentally without taking the backup? Don’t worry. Your entire lost or formatted data can be easily recovered with the help of recovery software.

Data loss problems are quiet common for those who use computers regularly. They can arise in any situation and at any time. Sometimes you will be stressed out so much due to heavy work and delete your important data unintentionally. For instance, consider you are preparing your project report and it’s the last day of your projects’ deadline. After completing your report, you decide to organize all your data that is deleting the unwanted data and organizing all the related files under one folder and so on. In this process, you select some files that are unwanted and do “Shift + Delete” on them. After some time when you are looking for your report you will realize that you have deleted your report along with those unwanted files. And you cannot even find the files in recycle bin. It is really an unbearable situation and you don’t even have the time to recreate the report. Don’t get tensed and waste your time thinking about it. Instead, use recovery software that can recover all your lost data easily. I would suggest you to use this software that did my hard drive recovery so easily, when I was in the same situation. This software can recover all your lost and deleted files within few minutes and the software is Hard drive data Recovery Software.

There are many such scenarios in which one lose data from their hard drives, among them some of them are:

  • Accidentally removing a wrong file while trying to remove some other files applying Shift + Delete keys and unintentionally emptying the recycle bin
  • Formatting a drive or partitioning / re-partitioning the drive without taking the backup of the data also leads to the loss of your important data
  • Virus attacks to the file in the system might also leads to file system corruption which in turn results in data loss problems
  • Sometimes due to instant power surge and forcible system shut down while transferring the data or while downloading the data also leads to data loss

Whatever might be the reason for loss of data, this software comes in handy performs hard drive recovery very easily. The key features of this software are:

  • Preview option to view recovered files before saving and also allows you to save the recovered data to any location specified by you
  • Disk imaging and disk cloning helps to recover data from hard drives with many bad sectors without damaging the data further
  • Able to restore data even from corrupt file systems like FAT, NTFS and HFS on both Windows and Mac operating system
  • Data lost from crash computer hard drives, external hard drives, SATA / IDE / USB / SCSI / FireWire hard drives.

Before hearing about this software I too was worried on how to recover my hard drive after quick format. But now, I have this software that acts as all-in-one software which does formatted, crashed or corrupted memory card or hard drive recovery. Hence it is the best and most effective software that can recover all your lost data. To recover all your data just follow these few simple steps:

  1. To download the software just click here and install it on your PC
  2. Now launch the software, select the “Recover partitions / drives ” option and in the next window select “Recover lost files” from the list
  3. Chose the drive on which data needs to be recovered and press “Next”
  4. Scanning process starts, once it completes you can view all your lost files
  5. Before recovering the files you can preview them using “Preview” option
  6. Now buy the software and save all your important files