How to Kill Background Apps on Blackberry Phone?

Blackberry is a branded mobile which are used by the different people of the world as this device provide many features and applications. It is one of the costliest mobile but it will provide the quality apps for which user can pay the amount as it is  branded piece available in the market and people like to use it very much because of its advanced features that are inbuilt in the devices. These devices operate on the different operating system based on the devices models. Recently, Blackberry 10 was released for two different models of the Blackberry devices. Due to its new features, it is most widely use by the different people. But sometimes, people get confused about their loss of charging and as well as the data from their devices.

Most of the people get tired of searching for the solution to protect their charging as if they are in business or any work they may require charging and also sometimes when you are travelling, it is compulsory for the user to safeguard their charging of the mobile in order to keep the mobile in on position. Every single user thinks not to lose their data without using it as it feel them nervous and even made them confused regarding this. So for all such issues, there is one best and simple solution that is to kill background apps on Blackberry and get protected from unusual acts.kill background apps on blackberry

Now people will faced real task, as many of them don’t know about the background apps and how to close background apps on Blackberry which is not a major task to do. But for the new users, it may take some time to search for closing of background apps on the device.  For the people, who are in confused state and for those who are new to the device, this article may help you to know the procedure for closing all the apps which are running in the background which are making loss for every users either in battery or in data charges.

Let us see how the background apps kill on the Blackberry devices, before this you should know one more point about the Blackberry device, that this closing of the apps is varies from OS to OS. If the operating of the device is OS 6, then the procedure is different for exiting the running apps and if the OS is 10, then you need to follow the different steps for killing background apps. So let us discuss the steps of closing running separately depending upon its operating system of devices.

Steps to follow for closing background apps on Blackberry OS 6:

  • For every single device of Blackberry, there will be icon of Blackberry in the center of it.
  • Press and hold the BlackBerrybutton for few seconds, until the device display application switcher on the desktop of the device.
  • When the application is get displayed then it will helps in showing the running apps on your device.
  • Scroll down the app which you want to close
  • After this, select Exit or Close. Then this will close the running apps on your device.

Read on continuously this page to know the procedure for closing running apps on the different OS of Blackberry devices. From this, you can run your device for more periods of time. Now let us see the procedure for Blackberry OS 10 as for OS 7, procedure is same as for the Blackberry 6.

Steps to follow for closing background apps on Blackberry OS 10:

  • In this updated OS of Blackberry, you can view the running apps on its pane. To access it, while in an app, swipe upwards from the bottom and all running apps will be tiled.
  • When the apps are displayed on the screen then close them by simply tapping “X”at the bottom right corner of the app you want to close.
  • From this, app gets closed on this Blackberry device.