How to Fix Broken Zip File?

You may often want to share your beautiful pictures of a trip, festivals or other occasions through internet.  Because internet is one of cheapest and fastest mode of communication, conveying messages, transferring files. To transfer big sized folder or many files together you will need to reduce the original size of the files. For this archiving or zipping of files is performed with the help of various zip tools like WinZip.  So, zipped files are the files which are compressed for the purpose of transferring certain set of image files, video files, important documents, etc. over internet. There are so problems associated with zip file on any format which results in the corruption of files.

Because of corruption issues you will not be able to view any of your zip file or may find some of zip file broken or severely damaged. To gains access the corrupted zip files or to view them once again you will have to fix corruption occurring on your respective zip files. To fix broken zip file you need adopt effective and reliable software. “Fix Damaged” software is the useful and optimized application to deal with all corruption issues of broken or damaged zip files.

Some of the most common problems associated with zip files are as given below 

  • Virus Attack: Malware, Trojan, spyware are the most common viruses entering into your computer and damaging files. Virus attacks are the most common reasons behind the corruption of zip files. Zip archives often uses network to transfer files. In cases like this various viruses may infect your zip files transferred over any network and as a result of which you will not be able to view your zipped photos, documents and other all sort of archived data.
  • CRC Errors: At the time of transferring the zipped files from one device to another, if the system gets shutdown due to various reasons like power failure, power surge, etc then you get problem of CRC error. Now, when you will restart your system and open zip file it will throw error message like “CRC file can’t be opened”. This error indicates that the zip file is messed with some corruption. CRS error occurs when some unwanted bits are gets inserted into the actual file or few bits have got deleted.
  • Digital Storage Media corruption: Storage media such as memory cards, pen drives, memory sticks, Thumb drives, etc. will often get degraded over a certain time because of its fluent use in many devices. This will in turn cause the corruption of .zip files stored on that corresponding digital data storing drive or device. In such cases, entire files residing in that specific drive may get corrupted with in sort duration of time causing lot of trouble to the owner of those zipped files.