How to Fix a Corrupt File using Repair Tool?

DOC may be the data format which is widely used by Microsoft Word software. DOC stands for document files. There are different types of DOC format which are categorized below according to their versions. Using tool to fix corrupt word file will be the best choice for repairing corrupted files.

DOC or.docm (Document): 

It is the default data format of MS Word which stores data in a single binary formatting. It may contain formatted text, tables, graphs, images and charts. Page formatting and print settings are traditionally used in MS Office 2003 and it is earlier versions.

DOCX or.docx (Microsoft Open XML Format Document): 

It is the new file format that is created in open XML type. It stores documents as being a number of files and folders in compressed format. It is usually opened in MS Word 2007 and its later versions.

These are some most prominent reasons for document corruption. When a Word document gets corrupted it will become inaccessible or unable to be accessed. In this situation MS Word tool becomes unable to open or read the documents entirely. It ought to be probably the most frustrating situation for any MS Word user. The corrupt Word file cannot be opened until we repair it. At this time there are few possible solutions mentioned below which should be chosen to fix corrupt word file.   

Open and Repair: 

“Open and Repair” is a built-in repair feature of Ms Word. We have to do it to repair corrupt word files. It is extremely basic and effective solution to fix corrupt doc files. To work with this selection, we need to follow these steps.

  • Ø Open MS Word program.
  • Ø Click on Office button.
  • Ø Click on Open.
  • Ø Select file from system directory. Click only one file during a period.
  • Ø Scroll down the arrow on the Open button.
  • Ø Select Open and Repair.

By utilizing a third-party Ms word Recovery:

This can be the last solution and not the least one. Actually it really is one of the most effective answers. We can use Microsoft Word Recovery to extract data from corrupt Word document files. It could effectively repair corrupt files and recover data from them only up to a certain extent. Third-party tools can be found with free demo version which suits perfectly because of this issue.

Office documents repair tool has complicated organize to repair entirely Truncated / inaccessible doc files that’s constructed with professional attributes and that allows you retrieve all corrupted / lost data in the machine, it converts unapproachable files to reuse state. It lets you do read only operation and it wouldn’t move, alter or eradicate the first documents. This repair program includes skillful built-in scan utility; it identifies and recaptures complete content from inaccessible doc files with no complexity. Quite sure identifies and protects file names after repair process.

In addition to word and PowerPoint an individual can also avail the advantages of fix corrupted utilities to mend videos too. The recording player refuses to play corrupted or broken files. User must repair such files to make them playable. Through which fix corrupted has dedicated tools to fix corrupted avi files and MOV files for Windows and Mac computers.

Exclusive top features of fix corrupted files:

  • Ø Contains simple GUI to prevent complications at repair
  • Ø Includes of advanced file repair programs to solve corrupt files
  • Ø Eminent software to fix DOC and DOCX type files
  • Ø Obtainable either way Windows and Mac OS X computers to repair the files user files
  • Ø Instant professionals support to assist file repair users 24/7
  • Ø Demo form of the software program for evaluation with the exact same functionality
  • Ø Good in fixing header error files without causing any more problems for the user’s essential files.

The descriptive GUI is especially enough even for a non-technical user to download the software program from the internet world. Since the copy of the actual file is repaired and given to an individual the data loss further won’t infect the actual file.