How can you shred files from windows 7?

Windows 7 is the new and latest version of the MS Windows OS. When the technologies get updated most of the people migrate themselves to these technologies. The users start using Digital cameras, memory cards, external hard disks, computers, laptops and much more electronic devices to store wide range of data.

Most of the people keep their data confidential and always prefer not to share their data with others like passwords, personal data, classified documents from work, financial records and list of data can be continued forever. If in case you accidentally deleted a file from your hard disk drive which is no longer required. But still you don’t want anyone to access it. Because if anyone who has good knowledge in searching computer files can be fairly able to retrieve the data as it will be easy for them to determine where the data is located.

Once you delete a file or folder from hard disk of Windows 7, the information will not be deleted permanently from the hard disk. It will be stored in the original memory location as only the pointer containing data will deleted and the memory location will be marked as available until you add new data.

Suppose you are having a digital camera with a data of 30GB containing photos which are very much personal to you. But you wanted to sell your digital camera due to sluggish performance of it and before selling it you want to delete all your personal photos completely from the internal memory of camera. So you deleted all your pictures by selecting “Delete All” option and relaxed believing that your data is deleted forever. But this is not actually happened the data is still present which can be easily recovered using recovery software’s until it is overwritten by new data.

And now must be worried and looking out for a way to wipe your data completely. However, you will be glad to hear that your data can be completely erased by using File shredder software. Hence a powerful File Shredder for windows 7 is required for complete deletion of data from the hard disks, USB flash cards, external hard drives, memory cards etc.

The tool actually wipes the data by utilizing different Shredding patterns leaving no traces of your confidential data. This Shredding option provided by the software meets and exceeds the patterns approved by various government and law enforcement agencies. Faster drive shredding speed helps the user to save their valuable time and system resources. This software helps you to wipe previously deleted files from your hard disks by using “wipe free disk option”.  This is an accurate and secure data shredding application which shreds your important and confidential files/folders by erasing them beyond the recovery.

You can find in built scheduler to shred data according to scheduled time or event. My File Shredder is one such effective shred file tool which shred files and folders from logical drive or partition by making use of Context menu integrated option forever. This software supports various file systems like FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5 formatted partitions/drives. This tool helps to Shred the data with no chance of recovery by using any recover software’s. This can be achieved by using few simple steps. The data once erased with My File Shredder cannot be recovered back using any data recovery tools.

Obtain the trial form of Shred file tool from online. Launch the program by simply clicking on the desktop icon. Once it is launched choose the drive which contains files to be shredded. Double click the selected files to add them into the shredding zone. This File shredder provides nine different shredding methods and you can select any one of these methods. Once you select the shredding method, click on Shred files and folders button. The files will be overwritten by different patterns based on the shredding method selected. When the process is completed you data will be overwritten. In case if you are pleased with the results then you can purchase the full form of the software.