Hard Drive Troubleshooting

What is Hard Drive?

Hard drive is a fundamental part of a laptop/PC. It stores various types of files, documents, and applications. Hard drive is divided into many parts known as partitions. Partitions are the part of the hard drive in which you arrange your files and folder according to your needs.hard-drive-3-900x600

Some points to remember to perform maintenance, diagnostics and other important tasks related to computer/laptop hard drive:

Computer and Hard Drive Maintenance:

To reduce the risk of hard drive failure, you have to perform hard drive maintenance as well as you can optimize the performance of the hard drive.

Backing up and Restoring Important Files and Data:

To avoid data loss, always keep back up of important files on some secondary storage device.

Note: While you perform re-installing of an operating system then you must keep back up of important files.

Downloading and Viewing Manuals:

Through Official website of Dell Company, you can download Manuals page of your product to view.

Dell Hard Drive Diagnostics:

If you think any hard drives failing then run the Diagnostics to test the hard drive. If you are unable to boot the system then you can go to Dell Online Diagnostics to access it, use the Dell Pre- Boot System Diagnostics.

Common Hard Drive (HDD) Issues:

There are some common hard drive issue issues which you find when you are using a laptop/computer.

  • Computer/laptop fails to boot
  • Hard Drive Noise on a Laptop
  • Microsoft Windows Locks Up or an error Occurs

To resolve such hard drive issue, you can visit Dell Knowledge Base page.

Replacing or Upgrading the Hard Drive:

You can refer system specific Service Manual to know how to replace the hard drive or remove hard drive. To check whether your hard drive is in warranty or not, you can refer to Dell Knowledge Base page How to check when your Warranty expires. You can purchase the hard drive at Dell Storage, Drives and Media website if your warranty has expired.

When you go to the official website of the Dell, you will find Warranty Status. To identify your product, you will get two options. First is Auto detecting the product and second one is Enter a service Tag or Express Service Code (The product ID is located on back side or bottom of your device).