Good Software for Recovering Files from Lost Partitions

Oh God!! I just lost all my files in repartitioning the hard disk volume. Is there any solution to restore the data’s?

I want to restore data’s from the primary partition but I reinstalled my Operating system. What should I do know?

Is there any possible way to recover lost partition?

Losing data’s and recouping the actual dropped partition is not a common factor, however dropping a total data or a partition within a storage device is often a main catastrophe. Dropping that doesn’t mean that it’s an actual harm or possibly a broken HDD. It really is recognized as the data’s inside the hard disk are usually stored in index tables only the storage memory are re-designed i.e. your directory which in turn points to the information are usually redistributed in order that it is usually reused for more storage space objective. If the index stand is broken or resized or perhaps remaining unallocated it can cause partition loss scenario.

Why this happens?

These types of problems occurs normally while reformatting the hard drive or updating the operating system or uneven allocation of disk space for the secondary storage. If the unallocated space is negligible then it is difficult to create a separate volume. In the case of OS reinstallation the file system may change (eg. FAT to NTFS).But recovering data’s in these type of situations is easy until and unless the memory is reallocated or reused by some other data’s and drive defragmentation will lead to lost data corruption.



Is this the only cause for partition loss? 

There are some other reasons too for drive partition loss such as boot sector viruses, cancelling the partition process or closing the formatting process in the middle as it may lead to file system conversion and the viruses will create an illusion showing than empty drives which contains the files. In some special cases even the recovery programs will not be able to solve this lost partition mystery or HDD file recovery


What’s the cure for it?

Data recovery can be made easy by using recovery software that regains data from the lost partition but make sure if you try to recover data’s from primary lost partition or a resized one install the software in some other drives. Even though there are many recovery programs available in the market .only a hand full provides lost partition recovery option .One of them which I came across is “Remo recovery pro” It supports both the windows and Mac operating systems.


Where this thing fits?

  • Ø This fits perfectly because it helps in deep scanning the hard drive for the lost data’s without damaging the index tables so that the user can make n time scanning for lost data.
  • Ø It allows the user to save the current session which are highly valuable for the future use.
  • Ø It also uses an optimized algorithm which restores data which has user defined extensions.

I am not as good in computers and storage devices. What should I do next?

You don’t need to be an expert for accessing the software. Just follow the given instructions

  • Ø Get the demo version of the software from here either for windows or MAC
  • Ø Install it in any one of your hard disk volumes
  • Ø After installation open it .select the type of file either deleted or lost
  • Ø Start scanning the file and save it in a different location

To be noted:

Install the software in some other volumes apart from the lost file location as it may effect in permanent data volatilities. To enjoy the fruitful recovery of deleted files from lost partition it is highly recommended that to purchase the full version of it.