Free Up Your Mac Virtual Memory

Macintosh machines manages virtual memory for users to make it easier for them. But this can be a reason for slowing down Mac PC as well, this happens when too many applications have been opened. To make it faster what you could do is clean up Mac virtual memory. In normal cases you don’t really need to free up virtual memory it’s just perfect then, but not when you notice your Mac machine is going seriously slow. When you clean out virtual memory manually the system performance will improve dramatically. This is quite useful while launching an application that consumes lot of memory like in case of photo and video editing application.

clean up mac virtual memory

Here’s what you can do to clean up Mac virtual memory

Hold the command button and hit the Tab key. It will open all applications that are currently running, you can see it as icons across the center of the screen. Keep on holding the command button and press tab to each application that you don’t want to use, then what you can do is hit “Q” key to quit or exit it. The application tab bar will stick on the screen until you release the command key.

Note: You can do the same thing using Dock as well, but the faster method of closing is command-Tab method.

Alternate ways for cleaning up Mac virtual memory:

What you can do is “Log out” by going to Apple menu and return to the log in screen of Mac PC. This will quit all currently running applications but the background processes will keep running on Macintosh. This method will free more memory that the individual application method that we have discussed before.

You can restart Macintosh PC by going to the menu option or press the power button and restart it from there. This again will clear out Mac virtual memory and starts your memory all over from the beginning when Mac PC finishes restarting.

If your Mac PC is running really slow then adopt any of these methods to clean up Mac virtual memory and check out whether system performance have improved or not.