File recovery from formatted hard disk

Formatting hard drive means deleting all data from the disk drive including the file system entries. Once when you have faced it, you must realize how much painful situation it’s. So formatting the hard drive is a kind of issue in life which you can’t avoid at all. The hard disk is the main storage device of the computer and formatting the hard drive means huge amounts of data loss. If you don’t have a backup of  the lost files, it’s like heart breaking situation in that case. Definitely, you’ll start looking for the formatted hard drive data recovery tool, which suits your hard disk drive exactly.

In the search of selecting the proper recovery tool, you should be choosy in accordance with your need. Before that, one thing you need to be certain not to use the formatted hard disk drive just after formatting it. If you do so, previously lost files are going to be overwritten with the new data. And no further hope will remain on your file recovery from the hard disk. Hence, try to first recover formatted hard drive files and folders.

By formatting a hard drive, we make it further usable for storing new data. Formatting the hard disk doesn’t completely erase data permanently, it simply removes the addresses of these data. Though the data will be still somewhere around your  hard disk. So don’t bother about recovering data if you have the proper hard disk recovery tool within your reach. Your valuable files were on the formatted hard drive, and if you have forgotten to take backup, then you must be badly looking for those files now. Therefore, don’t get late to perform the data recovery process from the formatted hard drive.

Few common scenarios have the effect of the deletion of knowledge as a result of formatting of hard disk. Most of the time by accident only, you have formatted your hard drive. You might think that you’ll format a specific partition on your respective hard disk and mistakenly you’ve formatted a different one. Another possible reason of information loss might be installing any new operating system on the hard drive without taking the backup of the existing files. Installing new OS will format the hard drive partition and you will lose your entire important data. While starting the operating system every time your computer runs the Master Boot Record. Corrupted Master Boot Record causes loss of data from the hard disk drive. Due to the malware or perhaps the virus effect if the hard drive partition is corrupted then you need to format the hard drive.

Although, countless reasons have the effect of data loss, luckily some expert programmers have invented an answer, as hard disk recovery software. This specially designed software retrieves a lot more than 300 file types including the document files, media files, etc. Within a few minutes, it scans the hard drive in search of lost files and retrieves lost data. IDE, ATA, SCSI would be the computer drives which can be sustained by the software. To find out how the software performs the recovery, download the free demo version to understand its all features and capability to recover lost data.