Why Locking and Unlocking of USB Ports is Needed?

USB PortsAs we are much familiar with the external flash drives and USB drives which can be used to store and deliver any sensitive or Private files. Data transfer is much needed in this busy schedule of this business life. Sometimes data needed to be secure or sometimes may not required, so it is better to know how to lock and unlock these external storage device as from this, you can secure the date by simply locking and when times comes you can even unlock the things.

William shake says that “I came across in many situations in which I needed to protect the USB ports of my laptop from unauthorized access. How to enable USB and disable USB drives on my Windows 8 computer? Is there any software available for performing this task, as it is much needed to me? If it is so, then let me know so that I can easily make use of this software application for locking the USB ports with a password and then unlock them when times come?”

With the advancement in the technology, now it is possible to lock and even unlock at the desired time and there is software, which is known with the name of Microsoft Windows which is programmed in such a way that it can easily lock and unlock USB ports. This facilitates you with disabling and enabling USB storage access with a Registry weak. Because you can even change the Registry only from inside an administrator-level account, only someone with such an account can do it. It even provides you tips for locking or unlocking USB ports

5 ways to restrict access to USB hard drives:

  1. Go for altering registry values for USB Mass Storage Devices, so that no one can have access for your USB drives, from this you can secure your vital data.
  2. Before removing the drives after usage, have a habit of disabling USB Ports from Device Manager.
  3. You can also secure data by simply uninstalling drivers of USB Mass Storage.
  4. Sometimes makes use of free third party application to restrict access USB drives.
  5. Following the tips of the Microsoft, you can fix it easily without any difficulty.