Solution To Undelete XD Videos With Much Ease

“Today I deleted some videos from my XD card accidentally, which was very important to me. I don’t have any backup of such files also. Can anyone help me to know how to undelete XD videos in a safe way?”

XD (Extreme Digital) card developed by Fujifilm and Olympus is an ultra-compact removable memory card usually designed for digital cameras and MP3 players. An XD memory card is also known as XD picture card which offers high data rates as well as high storage capacity to meet the demands of respective users. This memory cards are more economical and it consumes only less power as compared to other flash memory cards. Continue reading to know more about this XD cards or XD pictures cards.

But sometimes, there can be some issues that lead to videos gets deleted or lost from your XD card. If you encounter any such issues, then the first and very important thing to do is, stop using the XD card and don’t save any new videos on it. This avoids overwriting of your lost data and prevents permanent deletion of files. Usually, many users think that if files get deleted or removed from a storage device, then it’s not possible to recover such data, or data is completely deleted from the storage device. But in reality it’s not true. Because data will still remain on the same location but only the file address pointer which was used to access the file gets deleted. Due to this, your operating system will not be able to locate the file. Hence files become inaccessible or lost. This makes a user to feel frustrated when there is loss of files from XD card. In order to resolve this issue, there is a reliable tool which recovers all your deleted videos easily from XD cards. hqdefaultPossibilities of losing data from XD card:

  • Format Error:When you connect your XD card to your system, sometimes it shows error messages stating “Drive Not formatted, Format Now” message. In such cases you will have to hit the “Format” option forcefully in order to access the XD card files. But formatting without backup will result in loss of all your XD card media files.
  • Corrupt XD cards:XD cards are sensitive storage devices, mishandling of cards may get corrupt easily. When you eject your XD card from the system or from the camera, use the “Safe Remove” option provided by the OS. Else, if you remove the card abruptly, then your XD cards might get corrupt leading to inaccessibility of files.
  • Interruptions during File Transfer:Interruptions in form of sudden power failures, system shut down and switching off the camera while transferring the photos or video files from XD card to computer can bring about loss of valuable files.

Easy Way to Recover Deleted Videos from Memory Card

Hi, I am using Konica digital camera and the recorded videos are stored on memory card eventually. Last week, we group of office friends went for tour and the views we enjoyed are recorded on my digital camera. Yesterday, I decided to back up those video files from memory card to system thus while doing this task I unintentionally pressed the delete button instead of clicking move option. Due to this recklessness I have lost the important videos which was created with much struggle therefore I am here to know, is there any alternate option to get back the deleted videos? If so, please help me in a possible way. I am waiting for response!

Off course! Don’t get panic since you are at right place. In today’s world, many people are deleting or losing the videos due to various reasons which are mentioned below. Fortunately, with the usage of Memory Card Recovery Software you can easily retrieve deleted video files from memory card in an easy way. This is the tool which is designed and developed in a manner that even novice users can also perform recovery in a simple and effective way.

Scenarios responsible for video deletion from memory card:

Abrupt Termination during Video Transfer: Videos can be sent to system by connecting via USB storage. While transferring the video files, if you abruptly eject the memory card the there is a possibility for videos to get deleted.

Memory Card Failure: When you try to insert the memory card with virus infected devices then there is a huge chance for memory card to get failed which in turn leads to deletion of videos and other files.

Sudden Camera Switch-Off: While recording the videos, if the camera abruptly switches off due to low battery or due to any unforeseen technical glitches then there is a possibility for videos to get deleted from memory card.

Above mentioned are common scenarios for video deletion on memory card and whatever may be the reason behind the deletion of videos but by using Memory Card Recovery Software you can retrieve deleted video and other files in a mere amount of time.

Features of Memory Card Recovery Software:

  • This is the appropriate tool to recover deleted video files from the memory card without any difficulty.
  • Apart from video files, it can recover any kind of deleted files from memory card in a modest way.
  • This is the prominent to retrieve any type of video format such as AVI, MP4, MOV, MPEG, MPG, 3GP and so on.
  • With the usage of this reliable software, you can easily recover deleted videos from various brands of memory cards such as SanDisk, Transcend, Sony, Samsung, Strontium, Kingston, Lexar, etc.
  • By using this powerful tool, you can preview sort retrieved videos on the basis of name, date, size and file location. Also, you can preview the deleted videos before storing into any desired location.
  • This software can installed and worked well in major versions of Windows and Mac Operating System.

Finest Way to Recover 3GP Video Files

3GP file format is one of the most popular video file format, this file format can be supported by most of the digital devices like phones, camcorders etc. It can also be seen that 3GP file format are widely used in internet and you can download such kind of 3 GP file formats from internet and enjoy the videos. Usually these files can be stored on system hard drive or else on any external storage media.

However, these files may get lost or deleted by common human mistakes like accidental deletion or else due to any other reasons. If you have come across with such kind of 3GP file loss / deletion scenarios, then no need to worry because, now it is possible to recover 3GP video files by using Digital Media Recovery software.

Scenarios of 3GP file loss or deletion

Accidental Deletion: This kind of scenario is most common when you are in hurry at that time if you go for deleting the unwanted files then there may be a chance that you may accidentally select 3GP file and press delete option which results in file deletion.

Virus Scan:  You may download 3GP files from untrusted websites in such case their may be chance of virus infected files may get enter in to the system. Once the infected files enters system, then it will slow down the performance of the your PC or any digital device, in such case you may under go virus scanning operation and it may results in infected 3GP file deletion.

Digital Media Card Format: If you have stored 3GP media files on your media card then when you connect it with your system then there may be a chance of accidental formatting the card which results in 3GP file lost.

Attractive features of Digital Media Recovery software

  • This application is capable to recover 3GP files from any of the file deletion or lost scenarios.
  • This tool is having very simple user interface by making use of this tool it is possible for any novice user to perform the 3GP file recovery operation.
  • It can be possible to recover 3GP media files from corrupted media card such as XD, SD, CF, and so on.
  • By making use of “Preview” option it is possible to Preview the recovered files then later you can go for purchase full version of this software.
  • This tool effectively runs on both Windows and Mac based system without any interruptions.
  • Apart from 3GP video file format, it can also recover other video file formats such as MPEG, DIVX, MOV, etc. To know more about digital media recovery just visit this URL:

Tips to avoid 3GP file deletion from system or any digital device

  • Don’t go for deletion of files when you’re in hurry, try to confirm first which file is going to delete then press delete button.
  • Use updated antivirus tool for your system which may protect your system from virus attack.
  • Make sure that you have backup of your valuable files before formatting the storage device.