How to Repair Outlook Personal Folder File (.pst)?

Microsoft Outlook is a product from Microsoft, which is used mainly as email application. It comes with as part of the Microsoft Office suite. Outlook is not only used for mailing purpose, it also includes web browser, journal program, calendar, contact manager, task manager, note taking. Windows has also developed an Outlook app for mobile phone users, called as Outlook Mobile. This app allows the user to synchronize the Outlook account with their mobile phones. It is a commercial product, which is available in a stand alone version.

Outlook Data files are basically stored in two formats. One is PST format and the other one is OST format. Most of the files in Outlook are saved as PST by default.

What is a PST file?

PST file is Microsoft Outlook’s Personal Storage file. It is used to back up your Outlook account contents like contacts, attachments, etc. Whenever you create a new Outlook account, a PST file will be generated automatically, and it will be synchronized with your new account. Transferring of information from one Outlook installation to another is easy with PST files. It can also be safe guarded using password protection. The storage location of PST file changes according to the different versions of Windows OS.

How to Fix My PST File?

Though PST files are known to be secured, sometimes the file may get damaged or corrupted. There are many reasons behind the corruption of PST files. Are you facing this problem? Then, Outlook PST Repair tool will help you to get rid of this problem. This tool can repair your damaged PST file in a very efficient manner.

Outlook PST Repair tool is one of the highly preferred PST repair tool among all types of users. Since it is a guaranteed tool, it will not get affected by virus. Outlook PDT Repair tool can fix files that cannot be repaired with the help of Inbox Repair Tool provided by Microsoft Outlook.

Common Scenarios for PST Corruption:

Upgrading Outlook: Say, you are upgrading your Microsoft Outlook from an older version to latest version to access newly added features. At this time, the data stored in your previous version may get damaged.

Exceeded Size: Microsoft Outlook has some size limitation for PST files. Though the latest versions of Outlook provides up to 50 GB, the maximum size for older Outlook versions is only 2 GB. If the PST size exceeds more than 2 GB, then the PST file may get crashed.

Program Freezing: Trying to access your PST file other than Outlook file can make your system to freeze. As a result of this situation, your PST file may get damaged.

Other Reasons: Closing your Outlook in an abrupt manner, sharing of your PST file over internet, power surge while working on PST are some of the situations, which may result in file damage.

Note: Back up your PST file regularly to avoid loosing you data. Outlook PST Repair tool can also fix OST files.

Features of this Tool:

  • Outlook PST Repair tool can recover deleted or lost folders, emails, notes, calendar, email, etc.
  • At the time of scanning, this tool only reads the data from the source file and creates a copy of PST file, so that your original PST file will not be altered.
  • With the help of this tool, password protected files can also be recovered.
  • Messages that are deleted by emptying the deleted item folders can also be recovered easily.
  • The fixed PST files can be previewed using Outlook style browser.
  • There is a search option in this tool to find the repaired PST file.
  • The recovered PST file can be stored in a new personal storage file format (PST) for safety measures.

Learn How to Repair Corrupted MS Outlook PST File

Personal Storage Table also known as PST file is mainly used IMAP, POP3, web based mail accounts. It is also used to generate archives or backup of Microsoft Outlook items on your PC or laptop. PST file can be created on many versions of Microsoft Outlook namely Outlook 2003, 2007, 2013 and 2010.

Are you worried about how to repair corrupted PST file? If yes, then use Inbox Repair Tool Outlook software to get back the damaged or corrupted PST file. At times, most of the Windows computer user’s lose their important emails, contacts because of PST file corruption. This happens due to several circumstance such as storage limitation exceed, virus infection, system conflicts, hard drive issues, sudden termination of the system and many more.

Causes behind the damage or corruption of PST file:

Virus or Malware Infection: It is the harmful or dangerous virus which infect on your computer or laptop. Because of this file system of the hard drive get damaged or corrupt. In order to avoid virus always install the latest versions of anti-virus application on your system.

Presence of Bad Sector: Bad sector is one the main causes for damage of PST file. Due to presence of bad sector on the hard drive where your PST file is stored this makes the file header corruption. So because of this PST files becomes inaccessible.

Sudden System Shutdown: While receiving or sending the mails from one email account to other, if the computer gets abrupt shutdown then PST file may get damaged or corrupted.

Oversized PST: PST files created on different Outlook have a fixed size depending upon the version of MS Outlook tool. If your PST file in Outlook exceeds the storage capacity, then Outlook PST file may get damage or corrupt and PST files becomes unreadable.

Other Reasons: Some of the other factors are system conflicts, hard drive failure, header file corruption, improper upgrading of Outlook application and so on these also leads to corruption of PST file.

To overcome the above said issues make use of Inbox Repair Tool Outlook application to repair corrupted PST file on various Windows operating system versions like Windows 8, Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 2000.

Some of the functionalists of Inbox Repair Tool Outlook software:

  • Using this demo version Inbox Repair Tool Outlook software, you can fix high password encrypted PST files with extreme ease.
  • It supports to repair the corrupted PST files when built in (ScanPST.exe) repair tool fails to fix up the issues.
  • This repair application provide you to view the real time repaired PST files with the help of Outlook Style browser.
  • It has a capable to repair corrupted PST file on different versions of Outlook program namely Outlook 2010, 2003, 2013, 2000 & 2007.
  • Technical support team is available in 24/7 format so that if you face any issues during use of this app then you can contact them.
  • You can save the repaired Outlook items on your desired path and data storage device like CD/DVD, USB hard drive, SD cards, pen drives and so on.
  • It assist to fix the corrupted PST file occurred due to virus, bad sectors, CRC error in PST file, abrupt termination, etc.
  • Inbox Repair Tool Outlook is safe and secure tool to fix Outlook 2010 inbox which will repair your damaged or corrupted PST file without changing the contents of source file.
  • It has the dissimilar user interface feature due to that even irregular computer users can effortlessly and successfully use this tool to repair the corrupted PST file.

Note: To know in detail about how to manage your MS Outlook PST file in best possible way you can visit Microsoft website.

How to Fix Outlook PST

Microsoft Outlook is a famous application specially designed to extract emails, contacts, calendar dates and many other important attributes from mail account to personal computer. MS Outlook application creates a profile of email account and synchronizes all  vital data. This profile is known as personal storage table and file extension is “.pst”. Earlier version of PST files was having file size of 2GB, latest release of Outlook application has extended storage capacity of PST file. PST files created with MS Outlook 2007 and 2010 has size limit of 50GB.

PST files are very sensitive towards its usage, if not handled properly then these file will get corrupt. Reasons behind corruption of PST files are many. PST files usually get corrupt due to unwanted situations happening while working with PST files. If your valuable PST file gets corrupted and denies to open in MS Outlook application then surely will make you tense. In such worrying situations you may be searching for a repair utility to fix corruption issues of PST file. If so then you are in the right place for your solution. Make use of PST repair tool to easily overcome all issues related to PST file corruption or damage. Before I introduce you outstanding features of PST repair tool, just have a glance over scenarios that lead to PST file corruption.

Basic cause responsible of PST file corruption

  • Header file corruption: Header file is the main file which defines the code structure of the file format. If this file gets corrupt due to any unwanted situations then the PST file becomes inaccessible.
  • Hastily closing of Outlook: Sometimes it happens in hurried situations you may abruptly turnoff the computer. If you are working with Outlook application then PST file will get corrupt and result in error.
  • Virus attack: Deadly viruses like spyware, adware and malware breach all the security levels of your system and invades system files and folders. Virus infection damages header file of PST file due to which the PST file becomes inaccessible.

Apart from these scenarios there are many other situations that cause PST file corruption. Let’s have information about the outstanding features of PST repair tool. PST repair tool is designed by experienced software developers and it is well rated by all users throughout the world. It is designed with unique techniques to repair corrupted PST files. PST files that are unable to open in MS Outlook are repaired within a matter of time. This application also repairs PST files damaged due to occurrence of bad sector. Outlook repair utility is compatible with many versions of Windows OS’s. PST repair tool easily repairs PST files created with various versions of MS Outlook application. You can view all the attributes of PST file after repair process. If satisfied with performance of PST repair tool activate to complete edition.

How to fix PST files issues?

MS Outlook is software that comes as a part of MS office software package and is used to manage user is managing personal information including task manager, calendar, contact manager, e-mail, note etc. As it stores user data, so it is very important for individuals. Sometimes it is happened PST file is got corrupted due to various reasons and this results in loss of individual data. PST file is got corrupted due to various reasons some of them are as follows  improper Outlook termination, up gradation of Outlook, accidental deletion, virus infection, over-sized PST file, etc. When the PST file becomes inaccessible due to any of the above-mentioned reasons then this severely impact on professional as well as personal life too. What you will do when you lost access to Outlook data? There is no need to take worry in such a situation because you can fix damaged PST file by the use of repair PST tool such as Fix PST Tool. This tool uses advance algorithm to locate damaged PST file and fix them according to various attributes. It is proficient to fix corrupted PST file in any of the above-mentioned issues.

Let us talk about a number of the situation to understand more in about PST file corruption or to discover how any user can lose his/her Outlook PST file. Generally, individuals use MS Outlook in order to organize personal and official mails at a single place. Among the profits of utilizing Outlook is that any quantity of mails can be put into Outlook. So let us assume that you have an e-mail inside your inbox, when you opened it you found some typical junk and you closed it down. After sometimes when you make an effort to open Outlook, discovered that it is not opening. This might occur as a result of email that you have received earlier, it might enclose some damaging virus and when you opened the e-mail, virus gets transfer to system. It is possible to notice modifications in the system immediate following the virus attack such as malfunctioning of system, corruption of files and so forth. For those who have lost PST file in this particular situation then there is merely a method of getting back access to damaged PST file that is by making the use of recovery tool like Fix PST Tool, with the help of this tool it is possible to recover data from PST file within an efficient way.

Another most popular reason for PST corruption is abnormal shutdown of the PC. It is sometimes found out that user in hurry turn off its PC abnormally, while some other processes are running on system. Once the user pick a path to turn off system that is not normal then this may result in severe data loss situation or it may cause PST file corruption. You will discover many real-world examples in which the user lost control over PST file in the same scenarios. Assume eventually you are fixing your PC, when you are working, one of your friend calls to you and you go there and shutdown your computer abnormally in urgency. Later when you revisit and initiate your computer to work on, you discovered that some files are not working, when you make an effort to open Outlook tool, it comes with an error be visible on computer screen, which is as a result of corruption of PST file. It is possible to fix damaged PST file with the aid of Fix PST Tool, it is an expert to fix damaged PST files and each features of Outlook tool too, in the format since it was earlier.

Some apex features of this tool are:

  • It uses read only application tool, doesn’t affect some other related files.
  • It makes new PST file containing full functionality of the old PST file.
  • It works proficiently on various version of Outlook.
  • It is also skilled to recuperate password protected PST file.

Therefore, by seeing popular features of this software we can state that it is proficient mend damaged PST file. For those who have lost data intact in your PST file and searching toward to recover them back then you can certainly use this tool in order to access them back.

How to repair PST files?

MS Outlook is one of the software that comes with Microsoft Office suite. It is used for maintaining user’s data such as calendar, contact manager, e-mail, task manager, notes. Every element of MS Outlook is important and it needs great care for its use. Therefore, if by any reason you lose control over PST file of Outlook, which work as core for organizing contents of Outlook. In such a situation, you need to have a recovery tool like Repair PST File, which is one of the proficient tools to recover any attributes of Outlook or PST file itself. It uses advanced smart scan option, which completely scan all the drive location for the corrupted PST file, it is also capable to repair files which is password protected and highly encrypted.

Virus Infection is one of the familiar reasons of mailbox corruption. We all know internet is the need of every second person in this present era, sometimes it is happened when you access internet there is always a chance of the transferring of virus to the system. When it is happened, you can notice the changes in your system such as abnormal working of PC or sometimes it may affect the data files stored within in system. What will happen, when the virus target your mailbox files, it may lead to the corruption of the mailbox data. In such a condition, you can make use of the tool like Repair PST File, which uses advance algorithm that thoroughly scan the drive location for corrupted files and repair outlook mailbox files within couple of minutes.

There are various other causes, which may lead to loss of PST file such as improper Outlook termination, header corruption, abrupt system shutdown, up-gradation of Outlook, virus infection, Over-sized PST file, etc. Let us talk about above-mentioned scenarios in more detail to know about how actually the user loses his/her PST files. Sometimes it is found that due to improper shutdown of the system may lead to corruption of PST files. It may happen because when you shutdown the PC in a wrong way, when any files is running in the background or in hurry. When you open the system next time and try to access outlook software, there is an error message appears on computer screen, pointing that the Outlook software is got corrupted. In such a situation, there is only a way to fix PST file that is by making the use of Repair PST File, which is proficient to repair PST files corrupted while shutting down the PC improperly.

Another most common scenario of the PST file corruption is due to over-sized PST. Since we all know that every Outlook versions have PST file size limit, whenever it exceeds the limited size, lead to the corruption of PST file without giving any notification to the user. Suppose an example of the Outlook 2010, it has PST file size limit 50 GB. 50 GB seems well enough but people who do sharing large data files among their friends and college can easily reach beyond size limit. Once any PST file exceed its limited size, it always is got corrupted, as it is got corrupted, you cannot access Outlook application data any more. You can also use Repair PST File in such circumstances, which repair your PST files and makes you enable to access Outlook attributes again.

Some top features of this tool are:

  • Works efficiently on different version of the of Outlook
  • Proficient to repair even password protected PST files
  • Capable to repair deleted Emails deleted from Outlook
  • Mend PST file, corrupted while up-gradation outlook version
  • Skilled to repair files on different Windows OS
  • Option to preview the files just prior to recovery

Therefore, by considering the features of this PST repair tool we can conclude that this tool is proficient to fix repair corrupted PST file in any of the corruption issues and it is bonus for the individuals who wishes to repair PST file in order to access Outlook attributes once again. In case you are the person who has lost access to its PST files and looking ahead to get the back then you can get the demo version of this tool from the internet for evaluation purpose.

How to Fix a Corrupt File using Repair Tool?

DOC may be the data format which is widely used by Microsoft Word software. DOC stands for document files. There are different types of DOC format which are categorized below according to their versions. Using tool to fix corrupt word file will be the best choice for repairing corrupted files.

DOC or.docm (Document): 

It is the default data format of MS Word which stores data in a single binary formatting. It may contain formatted text, tables, graphs, images and charts. Page formatting and print settings are traditionally used in MS Office 2003 and it is earlier versions.

DOCX or.docx (Microsoft Open XML Format Document): 

It is the new file format that is created in open XML type. It stores documents as being a number of files and folders in compressed format. It is usually opened in MS Word 2007 and its later versions.

These are some most prominent reasons for document corruption. When a Word document gets corrupted it will become inaccessible or unable to be accessed. In this situation MS Word tool becomes unable to open or read the documents entirely. It ought to be probably the most frustrating situation for any MS Word user. The corrupt Word file cannot be opened until we repair it. At this time there are few possible solutions mentioned below which should be chosen to fix corrupt word file.   

Open and Repair: 

“Open and Repair” is a built-in repair feature of Ms Word. We have to do it to repair corrupt word files. It is extremely basic and effective solution to fix corrupt doc files. To work with this selection, we need to follow these steps.

  • Ø Open MS Word program.
  • Ø Click on Office button.
  • Ø Click on Open.
  • Ø Select file from system directory. Click only one file during a period.
  • Ø Scroll down the arrow on the Open button.
  • Ø Select Open and Repair.

By utilizing a third-party Ms word Recovery:

This can be the last solution and not the least one. Actually it really is one of the most effective answers. We can use Microsoft Word Recovery to extract data from corrupt Word document files. It could effectively repair corrupt files and recover data from them only up to a certain extent. Third-party tools can be found with free demo version which suits perfectly because of this issue.

Office documents repair tool has complicated organize to repair entirely Truncated / inaccessible doc files that’s constructed with professional attributes and that allows you retrieve all corrupted / lost data in the machine, it converts unapproachable files to reuse state. It lets you do read only operation and it wouldn’t move, alter or eradicate the first documents. This repair program includes skillful built-in scan utility; it identifies and recaptures complete content from inaccessible doc files with no complexity. Quite sure identifies and protects file names after repair process.

In addition to word and PowerPoint an individual can also avail the advantages of fix corrupted utilities to mend videos too. The recording player refuses to play corrupted or broken files. User must repair such files to make them playable. Through which fix corrupted has dedicated tools to fix corrupted avi files and MOV files for Windows and Mac computers.

Exclusive top features of fix corrupted files:

  • Ø Contains simple GUI to prevent complications at repair
  • Ø Includes of advanced file repair programs to solve corrupt files
  • Ø Eminent software to fix DOC and DOCX type files
  • Ø Obtainable either way Windows and Mac OS X computers to repair the files user files
  • Ø Instant professionals support to assist file repair users 24/7
  • Ø Demo form of the software program for evaluation with the exact same functionality
  • Ø Good in fixing header error files without causing any more problems for the user’s essential files.

The descriptive GUI is especially enough even for a non-technical user to download the software program from the internet world. Since the copy of the actual file is repaired and given to an individual the data loss further won’t infect the actual file.

Learn how to repair corrupted PST file?

Perhaps you have lost your important emails from PST file due to corruption? Are you looking forward to repair and recover your valuable data from Outlook? No worries!!! Just go for Repair PST tool and get back all your important data.’

MS Outlook is the most widely used application to communicate via sending and receiving messages with an organization. This was created and marketed by Microsoft Inc. It comes up various versions such as 2000, 2003, 2007 and 2010. Outlook 2010 is the advanced version of Outlook with improved features and it stores all the data in .PST file.

It is a file extension which is used by MS Outlook to store all the inbox and outbox emails, Journals, contacts etc. It stands for personal storage table and the files are locally stored on the computer, but also delivered and stored on server. But there are chances where you may lose data from the PST file due to oversize PST file, virus attack, power failure and many more unexpected reasons.

Consider a situation where you are using Outlook 2007. You wanted to upgrade your Outlook 2007 to Outlook 2010. Because of improper power supply your conversion process was interrupted and your system terminated improperly. Then when you switched on your system your PST file was damaged. This must be the most depressing moment as you lost all your data stored in PST file from long time. Now you might be thinking and looking out for a way to repair to your PST file and get back all your data. No need to get panic, you can fix PST errors and recover all your lost data using powerful PST repair tool. In market there are several repair tools available which helps you to repair your damaged PST file efficiently.

There are few more reasons of data loss from PST file due to corruption which are as follows:

Common data loss scenarios:

  • If the size of PST file exceeds its size limit then this may lead to corruption which in turn causes data loss.
  • The PST file gets corrupted if it is shared over the network in a business organization leading to huge loss of data.
  • Virus attack is the most common reason of PST file getting corrupted. The PST file becomes inaccessible if it is infected from harmful virus and this may result in loss of your Outlook data.
  • Errors generated while compacting the large emails attachments before sending causes PST file corruption and you may face severe data loss.
  •  Sometimes, while scanning incoming and outgoing emails from Outlook it may delete the emails causing loss of important emails.

However, to avoid any of the data loss scenario mentioned above you need to follow some of the precautionary measures like:

  • Always use UPS to prevent abrupt shutdown of your computer.
  • Keep proper backup of your important PST file.
  • Keep your system updated with antivirus program to get rid of viruses.

If you face any of the above mentioned scenarios even after taking necessary steps, then no need to worry you can restore your Outlook data easily by using Outlook repair software. PST files are very much important and users always keep a password to protect them .This software is among the best answer for your question how to repair password protected PST files? This tool helps you to repair oversized Outlook PST files.

This software allows you to recover all Outlook data like Emails, tasks, notes, reminders etc. from damaged or corrupt PST file. This tool supports recovery of Outlook data on different versions of Windows OS such as Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7. This repair tool can restore email messages that are emptied from the deleted item folders. It helps you to repair PST files created on Outlook 2000,2002,2003,2007 and 2010. This tool helps you to repair your password protected, compressed, highly encrypted PST files efficiently. This software also supports OST files.

Following are the basic steps to use the software with ease.

Evaluate the software by downloading the trial version of the Outlook repair tool. Launch the application and select the appropriate repair options that you come across while using the software. When you are done with your repair process then you can check the performance of the software. In case if you are pleased with the repair results you can purchase the full version of the software.