Top Rated Utility to Recover Files after System Restore

System restore is the processes that undo the system to the stage where it was working well without affecting the private information. It monitors the system and keeps information about the changes done on the system when you installed new application or save new files. After the changes on the system it will automatically create the restore point. You can also perform this operation manually to create restore point. It can be done when you installed new application and many other operations on it. Sometimes, after performing different task of Operating system, if your system behave abnormally or work slowly then you can restore your system to the restore point.

You should know about it when system restores then installed application, saved files and changes made after creating the system restore point will erased from the computer without any notification. However, after performing the system restore operation you notify that some files and folders are missing which you had saved after creating the restore point. If you have deleted some crucial files after performing system restore then don’t be panic, you can easily get them back by using My Hard Drive Recovery application.

While restoring the system if you encounter sudden system shutdown due to unexpected power failure then there are chances of losing few files. At this point make use of this utility to  perform hard disk recovery task.

What is the main function of system restore?

Restoring your system on the previous state means that bring your system where it was working well or made changes to the factory setting like a new purchased PC. Whenever you done the restore system operation then all the save application, files, multimedia files and customize setting will be gone.

Note: Overwritten files can not be recovered

After losing files from the system hard drive make sure that you are not performing other operation. In case, if you save any other files on the HDD then it may overwrite the deleted files and recovery is not possible. It is because of whenever file gets deleted from the hard disk drive due to any circumstances, then, it just erases the pointer from the address table and shows the free space to save new files. Many users have misconception that erased files cannot be recovered but, in real time it will remains on the drive until and unless fresh files occupies that place.

With the help of this tool you can easily restores file deleted after restoring a system at previous stage. For further enquiry about the recovery of erased files, click here Along with this feature, this application you can retrieve files from numerous hard disk drive erased due to accidental formatting, deletion, while scanning with antivirus and so on. This ultimate app can easily perform recovery of erased RAW picture files (KDC, SR2, SRW, RAW) captured by DSLR camera. It helps to retrieve files i.e. erased in any circumstances from any external storage devices like USB drive, pen drive, memory card and many others. You can download the demo version to check the quality as well as performances and install it on your computer.