Software to Repair Damaged PSD File – Download

photoshop-file-recoverAdobe Photoshop is an expert photo editing app which is widely used. Adobe Photoshop tool saves the image edited in .psd(Photo Shop Document) file format. If you find any of the PSD file is inaccessible or damaged due to any reasons and not able to read it. In such instances don’t get disappointed! As you are not able to solve the issue. PSD repair software- a tertiary repair tool guides you to repair PSD files in few simple steps. Next query pops in our mind is “Know How to fix damaged PSD files”?  Before knowing steps to repair damaged PSD files let us know what the reasons behind to damage PSD files.

 The reasons behind PSD files get damage?

  • Photoshop files might get damaged when system gets abruptly shut down while working on it.
  • Deadly viruses, malware or spyware infection, etc. can damage your Photoshop file, making it inaccessible.
  • While transferring or moving your PSD files from system to external storage drive or while converting Photoshop file format to other non-proprietary file format, there is a chance of PSD files to get damaged.

Simple steps to repair Damaged PSD files:

  • Download the PSD Repair Software on your system and install the application.
  • On successful installation of application; run the software.
  • Once you run the application, you can see browse option on your window. Select the PSD file by using the browse option.
  • After selecting respective PSD file, click on Repair.
  • Scanning process will be initiated. Once scan is completed the software provides you with a special feature called preview feature.
  • Click on preview to have a complete look on the repaired PSD file. And save option to save the repaired PSD files.

Characteristic features that uplifts the PSD Repair Software:

  • PSD files which are having different color modes such as RGB color, Multichannel color, Gray Scale, Bitmap, Lab color, etc. can also be repaired.
  • This software enables to repair PSD and PDD image files created on different versions of Adobe Photoshop such as Adobe Photoshop CS2, CS3, CS, CS4, CS5, CS6, Adobe Photoshop 5.5, Photoshop 6.0, and Photoshop 7.0 and so.
  • Corrupted and broken PSD and PDD Photoshop files will be fixed.
  • Repairs PSD file with depth of 1, 8, 16 and 32 bits per channel.
  • This advanced PSD repair application not only fixes damaged PSD images but also works on PDD files.
  • In addition to fixing PSD image files, this PSD Repair tool will also fix PDD files in an easy manner.

Helpful tips:

  • keep a backup copy of the image file, then transfer or move PSD file to any external storage drive
  • Update and install the antivirus software to avoid malfunctioning of the application.