Windows 8 partition recovery software

Did you lose partition from your Windows 8 system? If your answer is yes, then you must be suffering a lot because of this, as losing partition from any operating system is not a good thing. You might be maintaining partitions to manage your official and personal data and while installing the new operating system you might delete one of the partition from your computer. Take a bow to your misfortune, the delete partition was the one that contained your office files and folders. This will surely start your headache!! Because all your important work files and folders are now out of your reach and you no clue to recover them.

Take a deep breath and relax!! Because you can easily find partitions that got lost or became inaccessible on your computer or laptop. Surprised? Don’t be, because here is a software that can get you back your lost partition data at your fingertips. But, before that have a glance at the scenarios under which you might lose partition from your Windows 8 computer.

Virus infection: Partitions from Windows 8 may get corrupted because of virus infection,  these are the most dangerous programs that can modify internal partition data structure and result in partition corruption.

Power surge: You may face this problem if you’re working without any power loss protection, like UPS. As sometimes sudden power failure may occur and make your system shutdown suddenly because of this partition of your Windows 8 based computer may get unreachable and result in partition data loss.

Incorrect repartitioning: To shrink the current partition size or to expand the current partition size, repartitioning of the partitions or hard drive is carried out. But closing of this process without successful or errors occurred during this process may end this process unexpectedly and damage your partitions by making them corrupt.

Unplanned formatting: If formatting of the partition is performed in a planned way then it produces good result for the users. On the other hand, if it is performed in unplanned way then it might result in data loss from the formatted partitions as you might have not taken the backup because of unexpected formatting.

Apart from all these there are still some of the reasons because of which you may lose data from Windows 8 computer, like errors in boot sector, corruption of catalog table, accidental deletion, master boot record corruption etc. No matter how long the list may be the of partition corruption you can recover data from it with use of partition recovery software. It is all in one solution for all the mentioned scenarios and reasons. Software examines the complete hard drive by making sector by sector scan and restore lost data from your Windows 8 PC. You can also rescue files from corrupted laptop hard drive with much ease. Software can effortlessly bring back lost files such as images, mp3 files, videos clip and text documents in just matter of time. It is compatible with Windows editions like Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows Vista and you can of course perform Windows 8 partition restoration using this prominent utility. Install the trial version of the partition recovery on your Windows 8 and operating based computer and know its outstanding recovery capabilities.

Recover Deleted Partition from Hard Drive

Hard drive of a computer is a storage space that contains various types of information of a huge amount. The hard disk of a computer is divided into some individual parts to store various types of data. These each part called hard drive is used to store operating system, applications installed in system and all other information stored by the user. Nowadays, we use computer hard drive promptly to store our important information safely. Therefore, hard disk is very important to start a computer as well as for us also. But, problem of losing data is very common to us for every types of hard drives. After losing of vital information, you may lose your sleep easily. Here is a suitable solution to solve your problem in minute. You can get all your data back using a drive recovery software without any trouble. Even, if you lose any of your partition on hard disk, you can employ this to restore that partition completely.

There are so many reasons behind losing of partitions. However, it is undesirable to all of us, but sometimes it happens and we lose all information on the hard drive. In most of the cases, the user deletes partition on the hard disk accidentally. Apart from accidental deletion of partition, hard disk partition may be deleted at the time of partitioning/re-partitioning. Sometimes, hard drives are disappeared after operating system crash and your entire information will be deleted. You may lose all files from hard drive if the drive is corrupted due to any reason. In all these cases, you can bring information easily using a Windows hard drive recovery application. It is a very efficient tool that can recover complete hard drive along with all types of files.

Usually, we use Windows Disk Part Utility tool to create, delete and resize any partition. You may delete your partition when you are using it to delete any other partition on your system. As a result, you ,must lose all your information in that drive. Then you can find that deleted partition by using this recovery tool. Sometime, partition may also be deleted after operating system crash or hard drive crash. That means, deletion of all data in that drive is guaranteed. In some other cases, partitions may also be deleted due to MBR corruption, software conflicts or any other virus infection. But, no need to worry, you can revive all information from the deleted partition using this application. Using this program you can recover deleted Windows partition as well as it is appropriate to regain Mac volumes also.

Similar to deletion of hard disk partition, you may lose all files from an external drives also in different reason. Files are deleted from the external hard drive severally at the time of file transferring. Due to abrupt ejection of drive at the time of file transfer you may lose information easily. This external hard drive may also crashed when it is attached to the computer. Reason behind this crash may be operating system malfunction, power failure, system reboot etc. Then also you will lose all information from the drive. This program is also very suitable to recover external hard drive data in all these situations. It is so efficient to restore data from flash drives, memory cards and all other USB drives. This application allows you to recover data from lost, corrupted, formatted and damaged partitions also.

Good Software for Recovering Files from Lost Partitions

Oh God!! I just lost all my files in repartitioning the hard disk volume. Is there any solution to restore the data’s?

I want to restore data’s from the primary partition but I reinstalled my Operating system. What should I do know?

Is there any possible way to recover lost partition?

Losing data’s and recouping the actual dropped partition is not a common factor, however dropping a total data or a partition within a storage device is often a main catastrophe. Dropping that doesn’t mean that it’s an actual harm or possibly a broken HDD. It really is recognized as the data’s inside the hard disk are usually stored in index tables only the storage memory are re-designed i.e. your directory which in turn points to the information are usually redistributed in order that it is usually reused for more storage space objective. If the index stand is broken or resized or perhaps remaining unallocated it can cause partition loss scenario.

Why this happens?

These types of problems occurs normally while reformatting the hard drive or updating the operating system or uneven allocation of disk space for the secondary storage. If the unallocated space is negligible then it is difficult to create a separate volume. In the case of OS reinstallation the file system may change (eg. FAT to NTFS).But recovering data’s in these type of situations is easy until and unless the memory is reallocated or reused by some other data’s and drive defragmentation will lead to lost data corruption.



Is this the only cause for partition loss? 

There are some other reasons too for drive partition loss such as boot sector viruses, cancelling the partition process or closing the formatting process in the middle as it may lead to file system conversion and the viruses will create an illusion showing than empty drives which contains the files. In some special cases even the recovery programs will not be able to solve this lost partition mystery or HDD file recovery


What’s the cure for it?

Data recovery can be made easy by using recovery software that regains data from the lost partition but make sure if you try to recover data’s from primary lost partition or a resized one install the software in some other drives. Even though there are many recovery programs available in the market .only a hand full provides lost partition recovery option .One of them which I came across is “Remo recovery pro” It supports both the windows and Mac operating systems.


Where this thing fits?

  • Ø This fits perfectly because it helps in deep scanning the hard drive for the lost data’s without damaging the index tables so that the user can make n time scanning for lost data.
  • Ø It allows the user to save the current session which are highly valuable for the future use.
  • Ø It also uses an optimized algorithm which restores data which has user defined extensions.

I am not as good in computers and storage devices. What should I do next?

You don’t need to be an expert for accessing the software. Just follow the given instructions

  • Ø Get the demo version of the software from here either for windows or MAC
  • Ø Install it in any one of your hard disk volumes
  • Ø After installation open it .select the type of file either deleted or lost
  • Ø Start scanning the file and save it in a different location

To be noted:

Install the software in some other volumes apart from the lost file location as it may effect in permanent data volatilities. To enjoy the fruitful recovery of deleted files from lost partition it is highly recommended that to purchase the full version of it.

Best way to perform HDD partition recovery

Hard drive can be divided into various logical sections, which are known as partitions and they act like a separate drive. FAT is generally used in Windows computer and in other storage devices like flash memory cards. Major versions of FAT file system are such as FAT 12, FAT 16 and FAT 32. It is located in master boot sector of hard drive. It provides information regarding files stored on your hard drive such as the location of file, file size and the available space to store new data.

However, there are some scenarios where the partition can get delete or corrupt and finally you can lose important information stored in it. Every computer has a single internal hard drive; if any partition is missed from it then you will lose your documents. Using a computer continuously for accessing internet can create threats like virus attack, spyware program, etc. Then the partition can get corrupt from your computer. Then HDD partition recovery software can be used to recover deleted or missed or corrupted partition from your computer hard drive. So, whenever you have lost files from partition due to any reason, don’t worry, just download FAT partition recovery software and get back all lost data from the partition.

Sometimes you may want to create new partition or resize existed partition, using disk management tool, then the partitioning error can lead to data loss. If your partition gets corrupted due to re-partitioning error, then you may not be able to boot your operating system. You may also have the chance to lose files from the partition when you want to install multiple operating systems in a single hard drive. A few errors can also occur while converting file system from FAT to NTFS or vice – versa. Under all these above mentioned scenarios definitely you can lose files from the partition and the lost files can be recovered by making use of FAT partition recovery software.

To overcome from such data loss situations in the past only you can create backup of important files. If you have deleted or lost files from your computer hard drive, then you can easily recover them from the backup. But sometimes you may also format backup files, then the option only left for you is HDD partition recovery software.

Let us have a look at the some precautions, which can help you to prevent data loss from hard drive.  Do not turn off your system without closing all running applications otherwise the hard drive can get corrupt. Suppose you have lost files, do not use your hard drive to store new file because it can results in permanent loss of data. You may also need to keep an attention while attempting to delete some unnecessary files from your computer. Here you can delete important files unintentionally and finally it can create serious problems.

Even after following precautions, you can lose files from partitions due to some unknown software errors. Then you can make use of HDD partition recovery software to recover partition on Windows OS. Using this software files can be recovered easily from the FAT partitions. It also supports file recovery from NTFS partitions. It can easily identify all types of files such as audio, video, photos, word file, etc. based on their unique signature and restores them. Files from hard drive which is bad sectors can also be recovered with the help of this software. It can also be used to recover data from RAID0, RAID1 and RAID5 partitions or drives. You can also download free trial version of this software to evaluate partition recovery results. Using this demo version, you can view the recovered files and then you can save them using full version of this software. The recovered files can be saved in the same location or in any other storage device which you want.


A simple method to restore lost partition data for Windows

Hard drive is used in the computer to store the user’s data. Many hard drive interfaces are there among those SATA, SCSI and IDE are most commonly used. The interface is the one which connects the hard disk drive to the processor and memory. The interface is normally called as a computer database. There are two types of hard disk drive interfaces one is internal interface and another is an external interface. SATA is the serial advanced technology attachment interface which has the speed varies from 300 MB per second to 600 MB per second. SCSI is referred as small computer system interface and it is used as both internal as well as an external interface. IDE (Integrated Device Electronics) is also called as PATA and it is a parallel interface with a wide ribbon cable. Sometimes you accidentally format the partition on a hard drive and this situation may lead to loss of essential data. In such a situation you must make use of right hard disk partition recovery software for Windows in order to perform Windows partition recovery.

The loss of Windows partition data may occur due to a variety of situations, but people may not know how to restore lost partition data from the hard drive. Some of the case scenarios in which data loss can occur are as follows.

Accidental deletion of a partition table information:

If the user accidentally deletes the partition table or the partition table information, then this such kind of a circumstance may lead to the loss of partition data on Windows system.

Disk Management utility is the facility provided in the Microsoft Windows operating system, and by using this user can manage the disk utilities. If the user accidentally deletes the partition information using the Disk Management utility, then this condition may cause the loss of Windows partition data.

User can create, edit or delete the partition table information by using the third party partitioning utility software applications. If the user accidentally deletes the partition table information by using such software applications, then there are chances of losing the valuable data on the Windows computer. While creating a new partition by using a third party partitioning utility software, there are chances of occurring the partition errors. If the partition errors encountered then it may lead to make the partition data inaccessible for the users.

Accidental formatting or reformatting the hard disk partition:

Suppose a user is reformatting the hard disk drive partition and while reformatting the conversion of file system is carried out. If the errors such as bad sectors or software corruption etc are encountered during the formatting process then this situation may lead to the Windows partition data become inaccessible.

File system corruption:

The file system may corrupt due to improper shutdown of the computer due to power failure. The corruption of the file system may bring about the loss of Windows partition data on your Windows computer.

Data loss due to malware attack:

The malware or spyware like Trojan horse or virus are installed in the computer without knowing to the user. In such a situation, the malware may affect the system files and also cause the operating system crash. However, The situation like this may lead to loss of valuable data on the Windows computers.

However, the Windows partition data lost due to above mentioned scenarios can be easily restored from the computer hard drive by using the right partition recovery tool. A good hard disk partition recovery software helps you to recover lost data from formatted or deleted Windows partitions. Get the Windows partition recovery software and recover the lost data from hard disk drive. By using this software, you can recover the lost data from the SATA, SCSI and IDE hard disks, which are formatted with the various file systems like FAT 16, FAT 32, NTFS and NTFS5.