To defrag your laptop you have to use the software to perform risk free defragmentation

Do you want to defrag your laptop and want to know the key features?

Windows is one of the most leading OS all over the world, as it is used more that any other OS in the world. It is designed for all categories of user, it supports home and business laptops / systems. It also supports laptops, tablets, etc. which are used so commonly.

In the hard disk, file system is used to manage and store the files whatever OS it is. NTFS, FAT, HFS, HFSX, etc. are the common file systems. There are many such features which are there in the hard disk. The performance of the laptop depends on the hard disk embedded inside it. When the files are saved in random form than the access of these files takes much time.

What exactly happens is, when data is saved in the hard disk, it occupies the place randomly if memory is not in contiguous form. When the random space is available and the file size is bigger then the file is broken into chunks and saved at different memory space. After this, pointers are allocated to these chucks. Hence, when the files are accessed then each pointer access the chunk of the data and it increases the response time of the access.

How to perform hard disk defragmentation and why it is needed?

Deletion of files: User keeps on manipulating the data daily. Creation of new files, deletion of new files, installation of the software, installation of the software, etc. is all part of the manipulation. When a file is deleted then the memory space where it was placed is emptied so that other files can be kept in there. When the new files are saved in that particular space and if the file is larger in size than the files is saved in some other place and that place remains empty and contiguous space is given to the file. This increases the fragmentation in the disk and defragmentation is needed.

Large file storage: Suppose you have memory space in the hard disk but that place is not in the contiguous form. When a file is asked to save, it searched for that place which is in contiguous format. When it fails to get the place then it goes for the alternative method. The file is divided into chunks of data and is saved at different place. Which indirectly increase the access time of the files and reduces the response rate. Thus to bring the files back Defragmentation is needed.

Low free contiguous space: When you keep on deleting the files and saving as well then there is lack of contiguous space. If you want to keep the file larger in the size then you have to perform defragmentation in order to get more space to keep the files.

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