Undelete Folder from Memory Card

Memory card is the mass storage device which is used by many of the people to store their valuable files by means of folders. Chances are there to lose all those folders by pressing a wrong button and thus deleted which contains your precious files. Have you ever deleted the folders from your memory card unintentionally? Have you gone mad about this fault? Indeed this won’t feel good; fortunately there is a way to recover all those deleted folders and get back the removed items from the memory card. Read this article completely you get an answer for all your queries easily.

What happens to the folders from the memory card when you delete them?

Folders are the special files which contains the references to other files- a directory of the files. When you delete folder from the memory card, only the address of the folders gets deleted. And the data itself remains intact and is easily recoverable; it’s just not accessible through normal means. Now are you searching for the software to recover deleted folders form memory card. Don’t worry you get the solution for all your queries of how to undelete folder from memory card, by using the best recovery software.

Some of the situation where the folders gets deleted from the memory card are mentioned below

  • You consider that you have already backed up your important folders so you delete all the original ones or just pressed the Delete key accidentally.
  • Your memory card suffering from malwares and the storage capacity shows 0 KB.
  • Deletion of folders while scanning antivirus software application
  • When you insert memory card into the system, it reminds you to format the card if you want to continue to use the card. As a result you faced to format your memory card.

Ifyou found yourself in these situations where you wish to undelete folder from memory card? It may be due to accidental cause or might be the camera was so complex which you didn’t understand what you are doing. Whatever be the scenario, if you have this professional deleted folder recovery software then you have to worry about losing any of the folders. You will retrieve those folders in a few short steps.

More about deleted folder recovery software

  • If you want to recover deleted folders from Pen Drive then you can make use of this recovery software. For additional information just refer this page, https://www.undeletefolder.com/how-to-recover-missing-in-pendrive.html
  • This software also supports to recover deleted folders from Windows Recycle Bin and also from Mac Trash folder easily
  • It can even recover deleted folders on Lexar, Seagate, and other external hard drive brands.
  • All the recovered folders can be compressed in a zip archive to save disk space with the aid of this recovery software.

Important tips

  • Immediately take out memory card from your device carefully and connect the card reader or memory card slot on your system
  • Never save any of the recovered folders on the same memory cards
  • Keep the regular backup of all the important folders
  • Have an updated antivirus application to scan your memory card