Recover Data after Hard Drive Partition Error

Error in hard drive partition which deletes your data? No problem. This is the correct place which makes you do recovery of data from hard drives. Just act according to this guide and end up recovering lost or deleted data. So let’s start recovering data after hard drive partition error.

Why we need partitions?

A partition is simply a logical drive labelled as C, D, E and so on. Every hard disk has at least 1 partition. When you install an OS, what it does is create a partition and installs itself in that partition. The reasons why you need multiple partitions is for the safety of your data present on the hard drive. There is also unallocated space in the hard drive which might not be partitioned. Partitions in Windows usually have one among the following file systems. They are NTFS, NTFS5, ExFAT, FAT32 and FAT16. Each file system varies from others in its characteristics and it serves the duty of saving the files and helps accessing it while requested by the Operating System.

A hard drive needs partitions and each one is isolated from others. Actually, many errors might occur in partitions if handled without caution. There is also a possibility of the data to be erased, deleted and even get lost. In such scenarios, you need a recovery software to help you out. For this, you can use a tool like Remo Recover to restore those files lost after hard drive partition error. The following link gives you full understanding of how to recover data after hard drive partition error.

In this tutorial, we are going to discuss the steps involving the recovery of data.

Download the tool from the description in the above given link. Set it up on your computer and launch it. In the main screen of Remo Recover software, select ‘Recover Drives’ as it redirects you to next step. In this, choose ‘Partition Recovery’ and pick the storage device on the next screen. As soon as you click the next button, the tool displays the found drives or partitions which might get deleted or lost due to the error. Choose the partition under ‘Found Drives / Partition’ and next will start scanning for your precious files. Once the process is complete, you will be shown with a list of all files and folders that were present on your hard drive partition which are now available for recovery. Mark it all and proceed to choosing the output destination folder for storing. It saves after clicking the finish button.

Why Remo Recover Tool for Recover Data after Hard Drive Partition Error?

  • Because it uses unique algorithms to detect the lost or deleted partitions and also scans it quickly.
  • Requires less effort from the user and the tool itself takes care of all the other things needed for recovery.
  • Because it works in all the hard drives such as WD, Sony. Seagate, Transcend, etc. Works in all file systems such as FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5 and ExFAT.
  • Because it gives a preview of the data to the user freely and it saves recovery session which eliminates the need of scanning the drive each time.
  • Because it is very user-friendly and easy to use.

Please keep in mind that..

You don’t try to format the hard drive partition unnecessarily and repeatedly.

Keep the partition unaltered without sending any files to that partition.

These have to be noted as it ensures the recovery of your valuable data in good condition.

Process of Restoring Deleted or Lost Data from Computer’s Hard Disks

Nowadays computer users often inquire about “how to restore files in their hard disk?” As the files are much important or precious to them, and they haven’t took a backup earlier. And these difficult situations are bound to happen for almost every user and this is nothing new. To get out of this trouble people seek for a reliable data recovery software. It’s fortunate for users to have “Computer Data Recovery Software”, which is specialized in recovering all your deleted or lost data from computer’s hard disks. It offers you an easy and safe recovery even after performing a format.

Last week, when I intended to do a format on my partition after my computer was attacked by panda worm and unfortunately antivirus was disabled at that instant. I thought, it was better to do a format for saving my machine from any harm. But I carelessly left few of my important documents in that partition itself. I thought it is very safe, and I proceeded by pressing “OK” on the warning window. When I realized all of my important documents were deleted by myself with this stupid act, it was very late. I regretted the moment and cursed the virus after failing to restore my files. It took lot of my time. Finally, I came to use “Computer Data Recovery software” which was recommended by many in various forums and it helped me to recover all of my lost files and folders.

Other Possibilities of Data Loss:

  • Data loss can happen by human blunders, accidentally deleting files and folders by pressing combination of shift + delete.
  • Files may also get deleted due to the modifications done by third party tool.
  • In-completion of defragmentation process will result in file deletion.
  • Improper shutdown of the system or a power failure may also result file deletion.
  • Data will get erased by partitioning or repartitioning of the hard drive.
  • If you don’t take complete backup of the data while reinstalling the OS lead to data loss.
  • When Recycle Bin is full/exceed the limit of the drive, Windows OS creates free space for newly deleted items by deleting the old deleted files. As a result to this old files will be removed permanently and won’t be accessible for the user.
  • Data may also become inaccessible due to the corruption of storage device, main cause for this is virus attack.

Computer Data Recovery – Quick Solution to Your Valuable Data!

Computer Data Recovery is specifically built to recover all the files and folders which are discussed in the various possibilities of data loss. It helps to find deleted folders from system in an efficient manner and makes recovery of data from hard drive of computer rather easy. For more reference of this software you can go to:

Features of Computer Data Recovery Software:

  • It scans the entire hard drive and gives efficient results by taking very less time than its competitors.
  • Recovers lost/ deleted data from Recycle Bin or deleted by using windows command prompt.
  • Can recover files from system which is not able to boot due to MBR (Master Boot Record) corruption.
  • It recovers data from all brands of hard disk without fail.
  • Gets back data even after a partition failure.
  • You can also get back files from RAW file system or RAW hard drive.
  • It supports various file system like FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5.
  • Demo Version of Computer Data Recovery is free for download, it allows preview of the recovered files.
  • It works well with operating system Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Server 2000, 2003, 2008.
  • Files recovered using the software can be compressed using zip archive which allows to reduce the file size thereby saving the disk space.
  • It provides different views of the recovered files. Ex: file view and data view.
  • Saving recovery session allows the user to save the time, if the process have to be interrupted in any case, user can make use of this option so that he can resume the scanning process.

Precautions to control data loss:

  • Recover files right after formatting your hard drive, don’t save any more files into the hard drive before recovering it.
  • Get yourself a quality antivirus and keep it updated to prevent virus infiltration.

How to Recover Data

Have you unintentionally formatted your PC/Laptop disk drive? Do you want to understand how to restore deleted or lost data from disk drive? If so, read out this brief article to understand how to accomplish recovery in a number of simple mouse clicks.

Hard disk is probably the important storage components in order to save and backup data for example music albums, video movies, graphical presentations, text docs, movies, etc. due to help its huge storage capacity. Apart from hard drive, there are also other storage devices for example flash drive, SD cards, firm wire and external hdd which may be effectively used to preserve data. With the usage of this storage capacity, you can transfer data between devices in a short time of time.

However there are chances for data to get deleted or lost from storage devices as a result of accidental deletion, formatting, Trojan infection, software conflicts, drive crash, mishandling of storage device and so on. Luckily, with the usage involving Data Recovery Software you can easily recover deleted or lost data. This is the popular tool and that is effectively used by more number of individuals to recover data after unavoidable situations.

Scenarios on how data got deleted or even lost:

Unreliable Anti-Virus: Virus has a chance to enter storage devices and corrupt data without difficulty. It happens due to help receiving files from Trojan infected devices, downloading virtually any data from unworthy or even pirated sites, etc. To lose this disaster, you may opt for unreliable anti-virus tool to eliminate virus from your storage devices. Thus once the scanning process is finished this unreliable tool will remove every one of the virus infected data from storage devices.

Interruptions during Data Transfer: After linking external storage to PC/Laptop, you may decide to transfer data between your devices. While performing this, if you unintentionally eject your storage device during data transfer then there is a possibility for data to get deleted or lost in a fraction of seconds.

Re-Installing OS: While re-installing of OS, if any interruptions occurs for example; file system corruption, abrupt system re-boot, etc. these kinds of incidence can result in huge data loss from disk drive.

Above stated are a few common scenarios for data deletion or loss but through the use of Data Recovery Software you are able to recover data very quickly.

Features of Data Recovery Software:

This software can recover just about any data such as audio albums, video clips, reports, documents and photo gallery with no difficulty.

By using this particular utility, you can recover lost or deleted data from external hdd, display disks, memory cards, flash wires and iPods in quick time period.

This tool has an ability to get back data that happen to be inaccessible or unreadable as a result of formatting and virus infection.

It can support retrieval on various file system such as FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, HFSX and so on.

With an assistance of this software, user can recover data on various brands of external hdd which include Seagate, Hitachi, Sony, Samsung, Toshiba and many others.

As soon as your data is retrieved, user can sort data by file name, date, quality and location.

This software could be installed and utilized well in major Windows and also Mac OS.

Also, if you would like recover deleted partition then take advantage of this reliable utility.

Software to Retrieve Deleted Files from Nexus

Nexus Smartphone has become the most popular Android tablet with good performance, attractive price tag, and original Android system. Nexus smart phone has many outstanding features such as intuitive way to take panoramic pictures, HD Super AMOLED Screen, automatic focus, premium curved design, etc. even though it has many of the advanced features, unlike other devices Nexus phone also prone to deletion of files stored on it. One of the common reason which will be faced is due to human mistake of accidental deletion. Consider one of the situation like, while cleaning out your system, you have made a huge mistake i.e., when you were trying to clean it out to save space, without realizing you had Nexus phone plugged in as well and instead of deleting an unwanted files on your system, you deleted it off your Nexus. Therefore the file stored on the nexus Smartphone gets deleted.

Other causes for deletion of files from Nexus

  • Deletion of files from the Nexus phone by hitting delete all button accidentally.
  • Ejection of the memory card from the Nexus phone improperly while file transfer process is still in progress.
  • Deletion of files from the Nexus phone due to infection of some harmful viruses.
  • When you use the antivirus software program to get rid of virus, sometimes virus infected files cannot be fixed by this antivirus program and it simply deletes those files from the Nexus phone.
  • Using an unauthorized third party application software

Key features of this deleted file recovery software

Deleted file recovery software is one of the most reliable file recovery tool that can solve all sorts of file deletion quickly and safely. In addition to Nexus phone, this software also recover deleted files from system drive, USB flash drive, external hard drives, iPods and other storage devices. The restored files can be videos, images, documents, audios, archives and many more. It also supports effectively to recover data from Android phone.

How to overcome deletion of file from Nexus phone

Once you have stricken with this deletion of file problem from the Nexus phone, your mind will be in a distressing position. Don’t be so much worried as you can overcome this issue very easily by using the best deleted file recovery software. This professional file recovery tool is accepted by many of the industrial experts, which is developed to retrieve deleted files from Nexus phone within a couple of minutes.

Tips to avoid deletion of data from Nexus

  • Never use the memory card from which the data is deleted.
  • Immediately stop using your Nexus phone SD card after data loss.
  • It is highly suggested to use an updated antivirus software program to overcome deadly viruses.
  • It is highly recommended not to save restored data on your Android device that can overwrite and hence results in permanent deletion of data.
  • Always make sure that the software which you are using does not affect the original contents of the deleted data.

You can easily download the free demo version of the deleted file recovery software from the internet to evaluate its recovery results. This demo version will not allow you to save the recovered file, you have to purchase its full version to save those recovered files with reasonable price.

Recover accidentally deleted folders

Are you searching for solution to question that how can I recover deleted folders? If your answer is yes then you need not worry since all the folders that are deleted intentionally or unintentionally, keep persisting at the saved location until and unless it is not overwritten by any other file. Therefore if any user has to recover such files and folders then it is recommended to utilize Recover Windows. This software performs windows recovery by scanning entire hard disk drive in couple of minutes and provides the required files in couple of minutes.

Folders from windows hard disk can get deleted because of variety of reasons like accidental deletion, partitioning error, emptying of recycle bin, use of shift delete command, file system corruption, Virus attack, etc. Generally folders from windows operating system gets deleted because of accidental use of shift delete command. Let’s suppose a real time scenario that you have messed up hard drive that you wish to arrange. While doing so you accidentally applied shift delete command instead of delete that you simply wished to recover from recycle bin, thus terminating folders from hard disk. When any file is deleted by use of such type of combination key, folders are erased completely, i.e. not being saved in the recycle bin. As there is no manual method for recovery of files from hard disk, it better to use Recover Windows tool.

It’s generally observed that a lot of people don’t scan external drive before using them, due to this unprofessional behavior loss of folders happen due to virus attack. A few of the viruses are extremely strong that they may even hamper the working system of hard drive, thus making files in accessible. Such type of loss of data scenarios may be reverted by use of tool like Recover Windows. It looks for files in each sector of storage media and offers users with the desired folders.

Recover Windows offers one of the best graphic user interfaces that may be used by any user whether he is novice or professional. It meets the requirements of users who use different version of windows based pc like Windows 7, Xp and Vista. One of the other benefit of using this software is that it’s compatible for use on Fat file system as well as Ntfs file system i.e. data can be recovered from hard disk drive of system and any external drive. Files which gets misplaced from stored location or it’s hidden within hard disk may be restored by use of this software. It has also the capability to recover files that are deleted from command prompt. Data lost due damaged MBR may be retrieved by implementation of this proficient application.

But data recovery may be accomplished in optimal way only if certain things are taken proper care before implementing Recovery Windows like avoiding format or reformat of drive, usage of drive from where data is to be restored should be minimized and downloading and installation of software should be carried out on other drive so that overwriting doesn’t occur. Any user may get it over internet for evaluation purpose.

Recover Deleted Files on PC

When any of your important files get deleted and at any cost you want to get back that particular one then never bother about the situations how the file actually got deleted or how long back. This is because of the reason that the file deletion does not mean the permanent data loss from the system. As the file get deleted on the system only the particular file address get removed not the actual file. The deleted file remains inside of your computer hard drive. While trying to recover the files on the computer you need to go for the computer file recovery software, which provides the features to get back files as it was before the file deletion. It is amazing how the lost file recovery software provides the data recovery with a number of mouse clicks.

One particular file was just here sometime back and the file is not here right now. What exactly happened to the file? With the sudden panic, you will start searching over the internet for the perfect data recovery tool. It is the software, which restores all kind of deleted data on the computer hard drive as well as the USB drive data or the memory card files. While continuing the file recovery makes it sure, that the software will not make the situation worse. When you realize the file has got deleted from the drive immediately start the data recovery with the best Computer File Recovery software. When the selected file get deleted from the drive then immediately the space is declared as available over the hard drive for the newly installed data.

Now all you need to do is try to know the reasons of the file deletion. In most cases after the file deletion, the deleted file stays inside of the hard drive for so long. How the files actually get deleted? Well the scenarios are based on the daily life mistakes. Like, you have decided to delete one particular file over your computer hard drive. But at the time of the file deletion you have selected to delete the other files which you never want to delete. Due to this, the collection of the important files will get deleted. The effect of the virus on the computer hard drive is the another reason of the data deletion or the data corruption on the system. Formatting the whole computer hard disk or the single partition of the hard drive causes the complete data deletion from the system drive.

For the fastest recovery of the lost files ever you must use the Computer File Recovery tool on your computer hard drive. This software supports the FAT, NTFS, HFS file systems at the time of the file recovery. It works on all kind of computer hard drives. The software comes with the easy to use interfaces to continue the data recovery without any need of the technical knowledge. So that the persons who do not have any idea about data recovery can also do the deleted file recovery from the hard disk. So get it now the most effective file recovery utility.

Tool to recover lost data

Nowadays all the data are stored in computers rather than using papers and documents to store data. In computers hard drives acts as a storage device to store all your data. Data is read in a random-access manner that is entire data can be stored or retrieved in any order rather than just sequentially.  All these data will be stored in the form of files. These files will be organized and managed by file system. File system plays an important role in helping users to retrieve, store or access the data.

You can lose data in any instant of time. Sometimes without any intention you might lose data either by accidentally formatting or while partitioning the drive or any other simple ways like doing “Shift + delete” on important file. Consider a situation where you are trying to delete file, by mistake you might delete the important file and also empty the Recycle bin. In this situation your important file is lost. But don’t get tensed because whenever you delete a file or data only the link or pointer used to access the data will be deleted and the data resides in the memory until it is overwritten by other data. There can be many reasons for data loss, doesn’t matter, you can recover all your data by using good data recovery tool, if it is not overwritten. One such good software is Hard drive Recovery Software. This software helps you to recover your data that is lost in any situation easily and also efficiently.

This is not the only scenario, there are many other situations where you can use this tool to recover data, and these include:

  • Accidental deletion:  Data may get deleted from the external hard disk because of some unintended actions such as removing wrong file while trying to remove some other files applying Shift + Delete keys, formatting the external hard drive accidentally etc.
  • Formatting or Repartitioning: Formatting a drive or partitioning / re-partitioning the drive without taking the backup of the data also leads to the loss of your important data
  • Malware / Spyware / virus attacks: virus attacks to the file in the system might also leads to file system corruption which in turn results in data loss problems
  • Unexpected Reasons: Sometimes due to instant power surge and forcible system shut down while transferring the data or while downloading the data also leads to data loss

These are the common scenarios where you can lose data and this software comes to your help. It is the best software to recover your files because of its following features:

  • With the help of fast and efficient scanning algorithm it scans the entire drive and recovers your complete data
  • Easily performs the external hard drive data recovery for all kinds of files even in case of external drives
  • Ability to recover files from different partitions like FAT, NTFS, NTFS5 etc.
  • Retrieves data from different types of hard drives like SATA, IDE, SCSI etc.
  • Recovers lost data from external hard drives, memory cards, USB flash drives and FireWire drives and many more

This software is the only solution for all your data loss problems. Now, if you have lost your data. Then just follow these simple steps to recover all your data:

  1. Download the software with this link and install it on your system
  2. Now based on your type of the data i.e. text  files, media files like photos, video  or  to recover entire drive, select appropriate option
  3. Select the drive from which the data needs to be recovered and press “Next”
  4. After the scanning process is completed you can view all your lost files
  5. In order to view each file use “Preview” option which helps you to select the file for recovery
  6. If you are happy with the results buy the software and save all the recovered data

Good Software for Recovering Files from Lost Partitions

Oh God!! I just lost all my files in repartitioning the hard disk volume. Is there any solution to restore the data’s?

I want to restore data’s from the primary partition but I reinstalled my Operating system. What should I do know?

Is there any possible way to recover lost partition?

Losing data’s and recouping the actual dropped partition is not a common factor, however dropping a total data or a partition within a storage device is often a main catastrophe. Dropping that doesn’t mean that it’s an actual harm or possibly a broken HDD. It really is recognized as the data’s inside the hard disk are usually stored in index tables only the storage memory are re-designed i.e. your directory which in turn points to the information are usually redistributed in order that it is usually reused for more storage space objective. If the index stand is broken or resized or perhaps remaining unallocated it can cause partition loss scenario.

Why this happens?

These types of problems occurs normally while reformatting the hard drive or updating the operating system or uneven allocation of disk space for the secondary storage. If the unallocated space is negligible then it is difficult to create a separate volume. In the case of OS reinstallation the file system may change (eg. FAT to NTFS).But recovering data’s in these type of situations is easy until and unless the memory is reallocated or reused by some other data’s and drive defragmentation will lead to lost data corruption.



Is this the only cause for partition loss? 

There are some other reasons too for drive partition loss such as boot sector viruses, cancelling the partition process or closing the formatting process in the middle as it may lead to file system conversion and the viruses will create an illusion showing than empty drives which contains the files. In some special cases even the recovery programs will not be able to solve this lost partition mystery or HDD file recovery


What’s the cure for it?

Data recovery can be made easy by using recovery software that regains data from the lost partition but make sure if you try to recover data’s from primary lost partition or a resized one install the software in some other drives. Even though there are many recovery programs available in the market .only a hand full provides lost partition recovery option .One of them which I came across is “Remo recovery pro” It supports both the windows and Mac operating systems.


Where this thing fits?

  • Ø This fits perfectly because it helps in deep scanning the hard drive for the lost data’s without damaging the index tables so that the user can make n time scanning for lost data.
  • Ø It allows the user to save the current session which are highly valuable for the future use.
  • Ø It also uses an optimized algorithm which restores data which has user defined extensions.

I am not as good in computers and storage devices. What should I do next?

You don’t need to be an expert for accessing the software. Just follow the given instructions

  • Ø Get the demo version of the software from here either for windows or MAC
  • Ø Install it in any one of your hard disk volumes
  • Ø After installation open it .select the type of file either deleted or lost
  • Ø Start scanning the file and save it in a different location

To be noted:

Install the software in some other volumes apart from the lost file location as it may effect in permanent data volatilities. To enjoy the fruitful recovery of deleted files from lost partition it is highly recommended that to purchase the full version of it.

How to perform hard drive recovery?

In today’s scenario computer had become a fundamental demand of everyone. Computer reduces a human effort and makes work easy and simple. All big companies, industries are totally dependent on computer, small fault in computer will raises a big problem for its users. Hard disk drive corruption is regarded as the general problem which people who use computers face usually. Hard disk drive is like a heart of the computer, when it fails it leads to the device crash.

What happen in case your hard disk drive gets corrupt and fails to open? As hard drive holds all of your private data, if it gets corrupts then you’ll lose all your crucial information within a minute. This really is this kind of critical problem but common nowadays, if you’re also facing same situation, then don’t worry. Every problem have their solution you need to simply find it, as the slogan says this issue even have a solution i.e. Data recovery tool. This tool can solve out your data loss problem only in few simple clicks. This application may also recover external hard drive data. There are many scenarios, which cause data loss like:

Accidental deletion of information: Sometime while deleting unwanted files people accidentally delete their important files also, as you delete those file by using shift delete comb9onation then you have no chance to restore it back from recycle bin. In such situation you left with only on choice and that is data recovery software. This tool will search your deleted files on the bases of their file extension and recover it back in its original form.

Formatting of hard disk: Sometime in hurry people accidentally format wrong partition and lose entire data from it, to overcome from this severe data loss problem use data recovery software, to perform hard drive file recovery. Recovery can be done because formatting doesn’t mean that you lose your computer data permanently. Formatting will simply free the space for storing new data as well as your old information is actually remains in drive itself.

Crashed hard disk: When a hard disk crashes, it doesn’t boot and you may see blue screen in your system. This happens because of virus and malware infection, which attack on system hard disk while accessing internet or by connecting some other infected external drive. Abrupt shutdown of system can also be another reason for system hard disk drive crash.

Data loss because of Bad sectors: Hard disk drive having bad sectors makes the file inaccessible stored in that particular sector. If you’re continuously by using this corrupted hard disk, it can corrupt further more files in it. To deal with such situations, use data recovery utility, this utility will create a disk image of bad sector and recover files from it. Creating disk image is similar to a cloning a hard drive.

Like above defined scenarios there are plenty of data loss scenarios which end up with data loss from hard disk drive. To fight with these data loss situations use data recovery application, first try trial version of this software. From preview option have a preview of the recovered files, and save recovery session. If you’re pleased with the end result of trial version then to save your recovered files buy its full version.


Approach to restore Laptop hard drive

Are you usually the one of them who is thinking how to restore Dell laptop hard disk deleted data? Excellent, your hunt for finding a perfect solution ends here with the aid of deleted data recovery software. This advanced software provides the easiest and efficient way to recover deleted files and folders from Dell laptop in few simple clicks. Deleted file recovery application is designed to restore deleted files from Dell laptop and off their data storage devices with utmost ease. User can use this software for both Windows and Mac based computers to handle Dell laptop hard drive data recovery.

Losing important files from Dell Laptop hard drive has become a significant issue for most of the users within the globe. Simple deletion of files and folders from Dell laptop disk drive does not necessarily mean that you have lost all stored files. Simple deletion or deletion of files using “Shift + Delete” key combination only removes the reference pointers directing towards the stored location with the data and flagged the actual space free to store new data, your or original files remain until it gets overwritten with new files and therefore it indicates you could easily recover Dell laptop hard disk deleted files. With the aid of deleted data recovery application you can restore deleted data only in few mouse clicks.

Many reasons exist because of which data gets deleted from Dell laptop hard disk, like accidental deletion of file as opposed to deleting unwanted data, unintentional drive formatting with the hard disk which also erases the stored data from Dell laptop hard drive, virus infection from the internet or from the other data storage device, etc. are the major reasons which leads to deletion of files from Dell laptop disk drive. For those who have lost any files because of the following reasons, you don’t need to bother, the answer for many these issues will be the usage of deleted file recovery software that carry out a deep scan of Dell laptop hard disk drive to recover deleted files and folders at your fingertips.

Whatsoever function as the reason why causes deletion of files from Dell laptop hard disk drive, the answer is simply one i.e. deleted file recovery tool. This tool is recommended by industry experts worldwide for the recovery of deleted data from various data storage devices. Aside from Dell laptop, it also supports recovery of deleted data from other laptop brands like Lenovo, HP, Acer, Sony, Toshiba, Samsung and more. To simplify the deleted recover file process and to provide excellent file recovery performance, expert engineers designed deleted recover file tool with a simple interactive user interface so that even a beginner user can retrieve deleted files from Dell laptop hard drive. If you want to estimate the probability of recover file, download free trial version for recovering deleted files. It facilitates user to preview the recovered files and folders before saving and to save the recovered data you need to choose the licensed version of the software.