Restore Corrupted Western Digital HDD Data

Hard disk on PC is mainly used to preserve data of various types including games, PPT, PDF, images, music and pictures. Once user save her / his precious files on hard disk, files safely get stored and user can access at any instant of time whenever he / she need those files. The data storage capacity of hard drive ranges from 3GB to 30TB. Different brands of hard disks including WD, Toshiba, Buffalo and Hitachi are available in market place. But losing data from WD because of its damage is a troublesome situation for any users. This type of incidents happens at any period of time, so it is important to have separate copy of precious files.

Let us see a real time scenario where user becomes unable to access his / her files from WD hard disk:

Oh no..!! It is very annoying to say that my WD hard drive is damaged and I have lost access to all my very crucial files. Till today morning it was working fine but all of sudden it started displaying error messages. I don’t know the exact reason behind its corruption. Moreover, I am not technically perfect, so I think severe virus attack to this device have put me in this unfavorable situation. Thus, can anyone suggest me a best solution to recover data from corrupted WD hard disk?

In case WD hard disk corruption takes place then it results in inaccessibility of data. However, it is not a big deal for any user to resolve this type of calamity because the data is still present on the same location where it was before and can be recovered by means of a best data recovery tool. If you are a regular user of PC and have encountered this sort of incidence then without any fear use a finest hard drive data recovery tool called Remo Recover. It will explain you how to retrieve data from corrupted WD hard disk without altering source file contents. It will restore corrupted Western Digital HDD data on all recent versions of Mac and Windows machines. The added advantage of this top rated utility is, it will recover data from dead, missing, unbootable, lost, formatted, reformatted and deleted Western Digital HDD.

Common scenarios result in corruption of WD HD:

Hard disk crash: It is always a final outcome of bad sectors on Western Digital hard drives. Bad sectors on WD HD formatted due to improper use or unknown reasons. If you ignore such bad sectors, in the final stage it might ends up with hard disk crash and result in inaccessibility of vital data.

File system conversion: At times, situations arise where you might need to modify the current file system to another. While carrying out this process, if you come across with any intrusion like abrupt power outage, then it results in WD hard disk corruption.

MBR Corruption: MBR is a boot sector on WD hard drive which is present at the very beginning of this device. It preserves all important info related to partition and assists in accurate booting of the PC. In case this MBR gets damaged as a result of logical issues, then there are more possibilities of Western Digital hard drive corruption. Later on, it leads to inaccessibility of files.

Improper disk partitioning: Assume you are trying to partition your WD hard drive by means of Disk Management Utility and if this operation gets terminated in the middle as a result of any reason, then it might ends up with damaged WD HD. In such stage, might lose your imperative files.

Other causes: Format errors, recurrent formatting of drive, improper formatting, software conflicts, OS crash, etc. lead to Western Digital disk corruption.

It will get back around 300 file types from WD HDD using their matchless file signatures. It painstakingly scans the damaged Western Digital disk for recovering files with the assistance of its inbuilt scanning methodologies. This extreme software will do corrupted WD hard drive recovery and supports hard drive of PATA, ATA, SATA and IDE types. It does data recovery from all file systems including FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, HFSX, HFS+, ExFAT and NTFS5. On the other hand, it support file recovery from damaged FireWire Drives, USB drives, iPods and memory sticks. This excellent software will provide wizard like interface which ensures smoother recovery process and is comfortable for even non-technical persons. Furthermore, you can save recovered data on any location of your selection in compressed formats. It is embedded with “Save Recovery Session” feature which helps you to save the scanned session and ‘’Find” feature to look for for recovered files according to their file extension.

Certain precautions to avoid data loss:

Don’t try to perform disk partitioning without proper technical knowledge

Always install updated antivirus tool on your system for removing viruses and suspicious programs

Don’t try to defrag or reformat the HDD manually