Know How to Recover Files from Internal Hard Drive

The internal hard drive is a storage device used to store or back up files and folder in an organized way. This device is inbuilt in PCs and laptops. Sometimes files from internal HDD get deleted or lost due to various reasons such as reinstallation of operating system, the human error like accidental deletion or format, improper file transfer, etc. This is the horrible condition for a user since it takes lots of time to download such files. In order to recover such files from the internal hard drive, you are searching for the third-party application. Can anyone suggest how to recover files from an internal hard drive in a hassle-free way?

If you are facing the similar problem, just make use of Internal Hard Drive Recovery tool to restore deleted or lost files either on an internal or external storage device. By using this tool, it is easy to perform internal hard drive recovery in few simple steps. This application is capable of recovering files of different file formats. It is the safe and secure tool that recovers file from hard drive since it is free from virus/malware attack. This recovery tool allows user to recover files on the different file system such as FAT 16, FAT 32, NTFS, exFAT, HFS, HFSX HFS+, etc. Internal Hard Drive Recovery software is available online to recover deleted or lost files without any issues.

Reasons for deletion and loss of files from the internal hard drive

Accidental Deletion: This scenario leads to permanent deletion of files from the internal hard drive. While previewing files if you accidentally press delete option then you encountered data loss from the internal hard drive.

Unintentional Format: Formatting clears all files and folder from an internal hard drive. If you accidentally press format button then all files and folder stored on HDD get wiped out permanently.

Reinstallation of Operating System: While reinstalling the operating system if the certain error occurs then there might be a chance that files get lost from an internal hard drive. This scenario leads to severe data loss from Internal HDD.

Improper File Transfer: While transferring files from hard drive to another device or vice versa, suddenly system shut down due to certain interruption like power failure then there is huge possibility that files get lost from the hard drive.

Other Factor: Several other reasons responsible for deletion of files from hard drive are a power failure, improper ejection, bad sector, etc. You can use this effect to overcome above-mentioned scenarios with great ease.

Features of this advanced tool

  • Internal Hard Drive Recovery tool can be downloaded and used on both Windows and Mac based system.
  • This software requires very less space for installation on any operating system.
  • You can easily retrieve deleted or lost files from the internal hard drive with few mouse clicks.
  • It provides an advanced feature called Preview option that allows user to view recovered files before restoration on any storage device.
  • Find option is used to search recovered file from the list according to the file name, file size and file type.
  • It is user-friendly tool since a non-technical user can easily recover deleted or lost file from the internal hard drive.

Tricks to fix Outlook PST file

Microsoft Outlook is an email client, which is mainly employed to create emails, contacts, calendar events, notes, journals etc. In Outlook all the data is saved in one particular file referred to as PST file. Occasionally the PST file will get corrupt and after that, it does not let you access Outlook items. Then you can definitely utilize inbox repair tool that’s furnished with your computer system, to repair the corrupted or damaged PST file. However, it will not repair the corrupted PST file, in the event the corruption is severe.

The inbox repair tool can be referred to as Scanpst.exe. It was created especially to repair corrupted PST file. But sometimes inbox repair tool not responding thus Outlook users cannot repair PST by using this tool. This can be attractive only in some common scenarios, like PST header corruption. For most of the cases, you’ll want to fix Outlook PST files on Outlook 2002, 2003, 2010 and also other versions of Outlook.

Some of the important circumstances in which you may lose emails and other data from your Outlook because of PST file corruption are explained below.

  • PST file has two parts, header part and data part. The header part contains whole information associated with a file including the location of a file, file size, file creation date etc. When the header part gets corrupted, then you cannot access data from Outlook since the Outlook refers it as being a whole file is getting corrupted. However, the information is present there only and you will ensure it is as accessible by utilizing some alternative party utility.
  • Another reason for PST file damage is the virus attack. The virus can corrupt files partially or sometimes it may delete the whole file. A virus can occur due to browsing of some 3rd party websites and download the software program from the unauthorized sites. It might slow down your personal machine operation.
  • A file sharing on the network could also lead to PST file corruption. If a couple of users accessing exactly the same PST file specifically in offices might cause its corruption.
  • Unexpected shutdown of one’s computer could also lead to PST file corruption. In the event that if you have turned off a computer without closing Outlook application, the Outlook file can get corrupt. Therefore before doing a shutdown of laptop or computer system, make sure that all running applications are closed.
  • File system damage also causes data loss from the Outlook. The file system might get corrupt on account of a virus attack or improper shutdown of the computer.

In all these above-mentioned scenarios, the most suitable choice is with Outlook PST repair software. This application is developed and designed especially to fix Outlook inbox error. It supports all versions of Outlook including Outlook 2000, 2002, 2003, 2010, 2013, 2016 etc. It’s also possible to take advantage of this software to recover emails which can be emptied from the deleted items folder and repair highly compressed PST files. It is user-friendly that’s you won’t have any problem when using this application. The demo sort of this software is available. Therefore you can download the demo version of this software within your computer and look at the functions of the software before purchasing the complete version of the software.

Easy ways to Restore iPhoto from Trash

Can iPhoto be found once deleted in Trash? Is there any way to restore my iPhoto which has been deleted from Trash? If so, please help me in a meaningful way to get back my iPhoto. Off course! You are at right place. A problem you have faced is normal and it’s happening frequently nowadays. Read this brief article to how to recover iPhoto from Mac Trash in a simple way.

Mac OS is the best user interface to keep the data secured and the possibility of virus infection is very low when comparing to other OS. A hard disk is a storage device in which files like iPhoto files, music, videos and documents are usually stored. Mac consists of huge storage capacity but still, a user has a habit to delete the files. Usually, when files are deleted it will be moved to Trash but what happens if you empty the thrash and some of your important iPhoto which you need, got deleted permanently now? Eventually, you will feed up in these situations but don’t worry there is an authorized tool called Mac Trash Recovery Software which can be used to restore iPhoto from Trash in few simple clicks using this software.

About iPhoto:

iPhoto is a software application developed by Mac. If Mac user has iPhoto software, then there is no need for other software to edit, import, organize, print and share photos. It is commonly used for editing photos and edited photos can be saved in Mac OS hard drives. Photos which are edited by using iPhoto application can be said as iPhoto. If the user deletes any iPhoto then it will be moved to Trash but if the user deletes again from Trash then iPhoto will be deleted permanently.

Other scenarios for loss of iPhoto from Trash will be mentioned below in detail.

Emptying Trash: At times you may want to clear Trash so fortunately, you might click “Empty Trash” to delete all files which end up in losing some iPhoto files.

Unintentional Deletion of iPhoto: User might unintentionally delete iPhoto by using command + shift + delete combination in which iPhoto will be removed permanently bypassing Trash folder.

To get rid of it, a user can make use of Mac Trash Recovery Software to retrieve their lost important iPhoto files.

Features of Mac Trash Recovery Software:

Mac Trash Recovery is an appropriate tool recommended by experts to get back iPhoto files which are lost from Mac Operating System. Any kind of photos, audios, videos, documents and applications which are emptied from Trash can be recovered by using this reliable utility. The specially designed algorithm called “Find” in this tool is used to find and restore required iPhoto from Trash. This software is used to sort files on the basis of name, date, file location and size. With this advanced application, the user can preview their restored files before saving into any desired location. This tool can be performed only on Mac OS and it supports recovery from HFS+, HFSX, FAT16 and FAT32 partitions/volumes. To know more about Trash recovery from Mac, visit the page:

Simple Way to Restore Files Deleted from CMD

CMD stands for Command Prompt. It is an interface through which users can perform certain actions by entering commands in it. Sometimes, Windows users use this command for deleting files from the computer.  The files that are deleted using this command will not be stored in Recycle Bin as it bypasses it.

What exactly happens when you delete any files using Command Prompt?

The files that are deleted using command prompt are not deleted permanently from the hard drive.  Deleted files actually remain intact to its original location on the hard drive. Only the pointer accessing to that file is removed from file allocation and even the OS fails to locate it on the hard drive.  The file system tells OS to store any new data on it as it shows free available space. If you overwrite anything on that hard drive then there might be a high possibility of permanent loss of files.

Hence, it is always recommended to avoid usage of the hard drive after ant types of deletion. If you really need those files back, you should use excellent file recovery software before it gets overwritten by new data. So, you can make use of Win Data Recovery software to recover file deleted from CMD. As this software comes with inbuilt with advanced algorithms which scan the system hard drive thoroughly and restore files deleted from CMD.

Precautionary Measures:

  • Always maintain a regular backup of valuable files on some storage device to avoid such issues.
  • Be careful and watchful while deleting files using Command Prompt.

Features of Win Data Recovery software:

  • Win Data Recovery software recovers all files that are deleted using Windows Command Prompt.
  • Apart from restoring files that are deleted using Windows Command Prompt, it can also deal with any file deletion scenarios such as deletion of files using Shift+ Delete keys; files deleted using cut and paste command, emptying Recycle Bin, etc.
  • It also recovers file deleted from cmd
  • This software is compatible with recovering files from all latest versions of Windows operating system such as  Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows 2003, Windows XP, Windows Vista, etc.

Steps to recover deleted files from CMD:

  • Download and install the demo version of the software on your computer.
  • Launch the software and start the recovery process by following the steps displayed on the screen.
  • Now from next screen select Recover Deleted Files and then select your logical drive from which you want to recover deleted files using a command prompt.
  • After that you need to click on next button and the software will start the recovering process from a command prompt.
  • Once the recovery process is over, you can preview the recovered results using Preview option.

How do I repair Outlook mailbox

MS Outlook is utilized to preserve Outlook data, including mailbox files, contacts, email folders or any other individual data related to Microsoft Outlook. Outlook application also incorporates and arranges all the contacts and complete information in the single program. This application is a trendy accomplishment to maintain emails, reminders, etc. It works as an email client that helps you to manage your emails. Microsoft Outlook is universally stable even when it is made use of daily email and personal information manager functions. But unpredictably you could bear some situations that your Outlook application fails to do any work and now you are worried. You may endeavor with inbuilt repair program ‘scanpst.exe’. But you might be disastrous. You may endure a lot as the PST files contained all your important emails, meeting reports, reminders and contacts. You will be convinced that your PST files are corrupted will be searching for Outlook PST repair software. Let’s see how the PST files get corrupt.

Frequent factors for PST corruption:-

  • Saving PST files on the network: – PST files could be maltreated when you distribute it over a network or when you access the information from the PST files that are assembled on the net. There is a prospect of corruption of PST files. In count to this, if any network cataclysm exists while accessing data, then you may lose your important info due to PST file corruption.
  • Oversized PST files: – PST files hold predefined size to store the data. When this PST file gets oversized more to its boundary, the PST files hold corruption and results in inaccessible to your emails.
  • Unplanned system shutdown: – While using the Outlook PST files, if it is completed suddenly due to power falls short or some other causes; there is an option of corruption of PST files.
  • Power scuttle: If a power breakdown occurs when you are accessing the PST files, the ruined PST files could be inaccessible.
  • Virus attacks – Many risky Viruses will distort and wipe out the Outlook PST files or inaccessible to the users.

You have to follow some secluded methods to suspend your PST files from corruption. Regularly apply UPS to pass up fluctuation in power and avoid data loss from Outlook. Steadily do not delete/remove necessary emails from the Outlook, and maintain a usual backup of PST files. Regularly make use of efficient and powerful anti-virus toll to sentry your Outlook data from virus and clean the redundant and older data from PST files to stay away from PST file corruption by oversize.

Outlook PST repair tool is much accomplished than any other repair software; it repairs all smashed PST files and then recovers all constituents of Outlook mailboxes.  It won’t change the basis of PST files; it creates a new PST file to keep repaired files of Outlook. This repair software offers foremost PST files scanning options like “Normal Scan” and “Smart Scan” options to repair rigorously corrupted/deleted PST files. It can also repair scrawled PST files in a safe way. It won’t modify the root of PST files; it creates a fresh PST file to stay on repaired files of Outlook.

The trial version is available simply download and run it, you could check its facility. It will scan the complete drive and will recover all lost/corrupted Outlook elements. To save the recovered PST files you should pay for an absolute version of this tool.

Easy Way of Recovering Photos from SD Card

SD (secure digital) card is one of the most world famous storage device used largely in portable devices like digital camera, smartphones and tablets. Generally, these SD cards are used on mobiles for extended storage. In SD card we can store different types of files like document files, audio, video, photo, etc. SD cards are extremely small and it is designed for new generation electronics devices. These SD cards are lightweight and compact, it is important for a photographer.

Nowadays everyone has a digital camera and smartphones; they will capture most beautiful and memorable photos like weddings, birthday, trip, etc. Later they will recall their old memory and share photos with a lovable person. The photos contained in the camera SD card may get lost or delete easily. Data loss is one of the main problems that happen due to several reasons. Have you lost your photos from your camera SD card? If yes then need not to worry you can easily recover photos from camera memory card by using the tool named Recover My SD card. This application is efficient and it helps you to perform recover deleted photos from camera SD card.

Scenarios that may cause loss of Photos from SD card

  • During sharing files from a computer to SD card or vice versa, if that computer is affected with the virus then data files get corrupted.
  • In some cases, while erasing unwanted images from the camera unknowingly you might delete important photos
  • When some data read or write task is carried out with SD card in such case if sudden system shutdown occurs due to a failure of power, which will result in SD card corruption. Once the SD card gets get corrupted then it’s quite difficult to access files from it.
  • The user may delete folders from the SD card to free its space while trying to erase some unwanted folders or files, if they have accidentally selected some important photos or files with the junk files for deletion then they will under crucial data loss.
  • When SD card is connected to computer and data transfer of files is in progress, suddenly removing your SD card will damage your hard SD card leading to huge loss of data.
  • If you format SD card after receiving format error message such as “card not formatted. Format it now”. Such errors come if the Western Digital SD card file system is corrupted or damage.

Features of Recover My SD card

  • This tool helps you recover deleted photos from camera SD card, it also restores deleted or lost video files, audio and various other files
  • It can also support both Windows and Mac based computers
  • Recover My SD card supports all image file format like JPG, JPEG, PNG, TIFF, GIFF, BMP, etc.
  • This tool supports different types of camera and also smartphones to recover deleted photos from camera SD card
  • This utility allows a user to save recovery session in order to avoid rescanning of storage devices and you can save valuable time
  • This utility to recover RAW image files captured using digital cameras like Sony, Fuji, Samsung, Panasonic, Kodak and many other
  • From the restored photos you can find image files on the basis of creation date, file name, file size and file extension.





‘Access Denied’ Error while Deleting the Files

Sometimes when trying to delete a particular file on Windows, you may get ‘Access denied’ error like the one stated below,

“File Access Denied: You need permission to perform this action”

The error clearly indicates that you are not able to delete the file as you do not have required permission. In order delete the file you need to have appropriate permissions. Each file or a folder may have a permission which determines who can access it and who cannot. Thus, make sure you are the owner of the file before deletion. Also, you can change the permission and then delete the file by following below-mentioned steps. In order to do so, you must be logged in as the administrator.

 Check the permission of the file and change it

  • Step 1: Simply right-click on the file and then choose Properties
  • Step 2: Navigate to Security tab
  • Step 3: Below the Group or user names, click on your name to identify the permissions that you have
  • Step 4: Then, click on Edit and select your name. Mark the check box for the permissions you require and then finally hit the OK button

Apart from this, the ‘Access denied’ error could occur during file deletion if the file is encrypted. The encrypted files are the ones that are secured from unauthorized access. Thus, you cannot perform a deletion on an encrypted file without the certificate used to encrypt it. In order to find out whether the file is encrypted you need to perform the below steps,

  • Right click on the file and then choose Properties
  • Then, navigate to General tab and choose Advanced. Here, check whether the option – Encrypt contents to secure data is marked.

If its marked then you need to procure the certificate from the person who created/encrypted the file. After decrypting it you will be able to delete the file. However, if you have accidentally deleted important Windows files, then you can use a software known as Recover. The application is exclusively designed to restore lost/deleted files from Windows

Software to Recover Photos from Nikon Camera

“…While transferring the pictures from Nikon camera memory card to the system, an abrupt shutdown in the system terminated the transfer process and some pictures got lost due to unsuccessful transfer process. Is that possible to get back the lost pictures? If so, how can I recover pictures from Nikon camera memory card? “
“…Today morning I was deleting some unimportant photos from my Nikon camera, unknowing I hit on Delete All option and now I have lost entire pictures from my camera. I had memorable clicks of my lifetime and I have lost it completely. I’m upset!!! Could anyone please… help me to recover photos from Nikon camera.”

“… I connected my Nikon camera memory card to the system using card reader, when I tried to open the gallery to view the photos, the files on memory card was inaccessible. All pictures were opening in the camera but when I connected to the system, my Windows popped with a notification alert to Format memory card. I have formatted the memory card as per notification. Entire pictures have erased permanently from the card. I’m worried!!!! How can I perform photo recovery from memory card? Please help me….”

If you are facing any such scenario where you have lost the precious pictures from Nikon camera, do not upset and spare a second thought of losing the pictures permanently. You can recover those photos by using external recovery toolkit.

Download and install Nikon memory card photo recovery software and move ahead few steps along with this application tool. This tool will drive you to achieve photo recovery from memory card without any level of difficulty.

Salient features of Photo recovery software:

  • This software quickly recovers the pictures from Nikon camera memory card.
  • The erased pictures from the formatted memory card can be restored in a few simple mouse clicks with the help of this application tool.
  • It easily retrieves any kind of files including audios, videos, images and documents of various formats in a hassle free manner.
  • This software also helps to recover the images from various media storage devices like SD card, USB drives, flash drives, external hard drive and so on.
  • The deleted or lost pictures from various brands of cameras including Nikon, Samsung, Sony, Kodak, etc. can be retrieved in a few simple steps.
  • The various file formats like JPG, JPNG, JPEG, MP3, MP4, 3GP, MOV, AVI, etc. can be retrieved easily.
  • The data recovery from different file systems like NTFS, NTFS5, FAT16, FAT32, HFS, etc., can be performed quickly.

This software is more reliable and much compatible to recover pictures from Nikon camera memory card on various versions of Windows such as Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows 3, Windows XP, Windows Vista, etc. as well as on different Mac operating system.

How to Unformat Hard Disk Drive?

Are you one of those who are looking to get back their data from formatted drive? Have you unknowingly formatted your system or external hard disk drive? If yes, then here is the solution of your problem. After formatting the drive, all the data saved in it get deleted and you are unable to see it. But after formatting, all the present on the drive, only the pointer of particular data gets removed and the memory space marked as free for new upcoming data. Due to this feature, data recovery from formatted hard drive is possible. But to do this, you need a highly efficient recovery program which allows you to get back all your data from formatted drive as it was before format. To get back data from formatted hard disk drive, you can take the help of Unformat Drive application and easily overcome from such painful circumstances without any other difficulty.

Most Common Causes of Hard Disk Drive formatting:

  • Formatting drive instance of others.
  • Unintentional deletion drive partition.
  • Virus infection on hard drive partition.
  • Hard disk drive file system corruption
  • Operating system re-installation
  • Master boot record (MBR) corruption
  • Hard drive partition corruption  

Amazing Features of Unformat Drive Application:

  • This hassle free software can easily perform data recovery from formatted hard disk drive as well as various other data storage devices like an external hard drive, pen drive, memory stick, SD card, CF card and many others without any difficulty.
  • With the help of Unformat Drive utility, people can also recover data from damaged, inaccessible, non-recognized, corrupted, as well as broken hard drives very easily.
  • It performs deep searching of hard disk drive and get back each bit of data as it was before formatting.
  • Unformat Drive software allows people to restore files from formatted drive based on their file signature, extension, creation date, file type, and modify date as well as other attributes just within few simple mouse clicks.
  • This tool is available for Apple Mac as well as Microsoft Windows based operating systems and enables users to get back all their data from hard drive on all the latest versions of both systems easily.
  • By using this highly efficient app, people can get back data from hard disk drive with can be assigned with any file system like FAT32, NTFS, ExFAT, HFS, FAT16, and HFS+ without any other issues.

Simple Steps to Recover Data from Formatted Hard Disk Drive:

  • In order to get back data from formatted drive, people need to download and install Unformat Drive Software on the system.
  • After successful installation of this program, click on icon present on desktop to run the app.
  • Welcome screen of the app will appear with three different options such as “Recover Files”, “Recover Media” and “Recover Drive”.
  • Out of these, click on “Recover Drive” option to start recovery process.
  • Next screen will come with two options like “Partition Recover” and “Formatted/Reformatted Recovery”.
  • Select “Formatted Recovery” option and select the formatted hard disk drive on next screen from which you want to recover your data.
  • Data recovery from formatted partition will start. Once the process is completed, you will be able to take preview of your recovered data.

How to Recover Deleted/Lost Data from SanDisk Memory Card?

Recently while I was deleting unnecessary files from SanDisk memory card, mistakenly I deleted some important files from it. Those deleted files are very much important for me as it contains my office work documents. Can anyone suggest me any software which can retrieve files from SanDisk card without losing a single file?”

Due to some reasons, files present in SanDisk card may get deleted or lost. In such situations, don’t get panic as you can opt SanDisk Card Recovery software which is capable of retrieving deleted or lost files from SanDisk memory card with utmost ease. This software has advanced scanning algorithm which scans your entire SanDisk memory card and recovers deleted or lost files within few mouse clicks.

Reasons behind data loss from SanDisk memory card:

  • SanDisk memory card may get infected with harmful viruses which lead to loss of files that are present on the SanDisk memory card.
  • Abruptly removing of SanDisk memory card from the system during transferring of files can cause loss of vital data from SanDisk memory card.
  • Sudden power failure when you are previewing files on the system will result in data loss from SanDisk memory card.
  • Sometimes, you may encounter with some error message like “Card is not formatted, “Card formatted error” also makes the data inaccessible and results in data loss from SanDisk memory card.
  • Unintentional deletion of files from SanDisk memory card while deleting unwanted files from it.
  • Accidental formatting of SanDisk memory card will delete entire data from the SanDisk memory card.
  • Clicking new images when SanDisk memory card is almost full can lead to loss of files from it.
  • Using SanDisk memory card on different devices, sometimes leads to loss of files from it.
  • Any scratches on SanDisk memory card while they have been used may lead to data loss from SanDisk memory card.
  • While you are transferring files from SanDisk memory card to system or vice-versa, if in any interruption occur in between then file may get lost from SanDisk memory card.
  • If the SanDisk memory card is corrupted then files may get lost from SanDisk memory card and become inaccessible.

When you notice that files such as videos, pictures, audio files have been deleted from SanDisk memory card then stop using the SanDisk memory card. If you continue to use the storage devices then there are more probability that you may lose files from permanently. So, stop using the SanDisk memory card once you lose data from it and opt for reliable card recovery software like SanDisk Card Recovery software if you want to restore files from SanDisk Card Recovery software.

Features of SanDisk Card Recovery Software:

  • Using this software, you can easily retrieve files from SanDisk memory card of various types such as SDXC, SDHC, SD, XD, MMC, CF, etc. on various versions of Windows and Mac operating system.
  • You can view the recovered data using “Data View” and “File Type” view.
  • It supports the recovery of deleted or lost files from different brands of memory card such as Transcend, Kingston, PNY, Samsung, Lexar, Sony, etc.
  • You can preview the recovered files using “Preview” option of the tool before restoring it to the particular location.